Process System Control Upgrade

Dosing Manifold Design for Food and Beverage Facilities

PLC and Process System Upgrades for Process and Production Facilities As process system age, industrial control systems eventually become obsolete and unsupported by the manufacturer. This situation is the normal evolution of technology that affects us in many aspects of life. This fact is brought on by antiquated technology and the electronic industry’s IC chip […]

CIP Improvements for Quality, Safety, and Sustainability

CIP System

Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems can be improved and added to any sanitary process operation to improve quality, safety, and join a factory wide effort to increase sustainability in a world that is changing due in part to the environmental impact of global warming. This article will speak to the advantages that a CIP system can add to […]

Benefits of Process Skid Mounting

Skid Mounted Process System

Frame Mounted Thermal Process Assembly Abstract  A major beverage manufacturer needed to heat 40 gallons per minute of single strength juice from 70 to 145°F, then cool the juice to 105°F for packaging. The customer contracted Placer Process Systems to provide a solution that would process their juice, integrate with their existing process, meet all […]

New Life for Old Equipment

New Life For Old Equipment

Improve Processing at a Substantially Reduced Cost and Lead Time by Utilizing Existing Equipment

High-end food and beverage equipment represents a significant investment in company resources. When changes occur — lines are shut down, processes are relocated, or consumer preferences change, and equipment become obsolete — that once valuable equipment is no longer needed. This now seemingly useless equipment tends to either occupy precious space in a facility or get discarded.

Reduce Solids Loss by Applying Good Practices for Fluid Handling

Reduce Solids Loss Process Systems Scaled

Products containing starch and gum ingredients require low shear-stress processing to preserve desired thickness. To prevent starch, gum and ingredient degradation, our design and fabrication team provides equipment selection, piping designs, and process control adjustments. Our range of engineering expertise includes successful high-viscosity shear-sensitive fluid process systems. Recently, Placer Process assisted in developing a process […]

Planning for Increased Capacity in Your Upcoming Plant Expansion Design

Production Plant Expansion Design

As you are thinking of how to increase your plant capacity, adding new product lines, and diversifying your manufactured food, beverage, dairy, wine, beer, or other alternative food products, you may encounter limitations within the existing plant that requires engineering design and practical installation knowledge from design-build contractor experts. Placer Process can be your contractor […]

Clean-In-Place System Optimization

Clean-In-Place Improvements

Waiting for the right hot water temperature can be a challenge for the management of the sanitation crew within their limited cleaning shift. Our customer needed help to improve the hot water temperature to allow external washing of process and packaging equipment as part of their regular sanitation protocol. Problems were occurring from low water […]

Enhanced Winemaking and Understanding Wine Profile Transition with Fermentation Automation

Winemaking Process Enhancements

Our customer needed practical sanitary design and installation services to support their vision for the mid to large scale winemaking process. The customer planned to embed the learnings through their leading educational entity and mimic closely to the industry settings. Having a good pilot scale representation would mean that the valuable learnings can be transferrable […]

Strategic Contractor Partner for Process Equipment Installation

Process Equipment Installation

Process System Equipment Installation With the tremendous capital investment and planning involved in bringing in new or relocated process equipment, it is important to find the right strategic partner that can help you bridge the gap from equipment arrival to installation and production at your process plant. Planning ahead for equipment installation may include challenges […]

Upgrade, Expand, Modernize, or Retrofit CIP Systems for Improved Operations

7 Steps To Improve Clean-In-Place System

Seven Steps to Improve Your CIP Systems Maximizing the usage of your existing assets is critical in the time of increased production demand. Evaluating the process needs often times are limited with the cleaning capacity from your existing CIP systems. Having a repeatable CIP operation with optimized water use, efficient chemical dosing, improved safety, and […]