Heat Transfer Sanitary Process Systems

Efficient Heat Transfer Systems Optimize Energy Use and Minimize Costs

Our innovative and effective heat transfer systems maximize energy transfer responsiveness while minimizing capital investment for key equipment. Placer Process design, build, and install various heat transfer systems to meet the industry needs for heating and cooling utility systems. Heat transfer systems include:

We provide a full range of custom engineered heat transfer and heat exchanger systems to meet your process requirements, energy savings, and other environmental initiative goals. Our experience is based in sanitary food and beverage environments, including Wine, Beer, Dairy, Food, Beverage and Cannabis, but our expertise applies to a range of industrial process equipment such as:

Having one or multiple robust utility systems are key in maintaining consistent temperature required in your process systems. We can customize your heat transfer systems to meet a specific heating or cooling duty of a process systems or we can design based on your plant demand. We design our systems to react quickly as various process systems are starting up and requiring major BTU heating or cooling capacity.

We also recognize that space can be at a premium in an operating plant. Our in-house engineers, designers, and skid fabricators respond quickly in meeting your specific process and installation needs. Our creative design team can adapt heat transfer process skid and heat exchange systems for tight footprints to provide you the required functionality while not creating an unsafe work environment. Sturdy framing and support of our heat transfer system and heat exchange systems does not have to be compromised to meet strict layout requirements. Our systems are modular with customizable footprint.

We Support Your Entire Plant Infrastructure from Beginning to End

We have successfully delivered custom sanitary process system projects for industry leaders, niche product producers, and start-ups including Wineries, Breweries, Dairy, Cheese, Food and Beverage. One of our specialties is Heat Transfer and Heat Exchange systems.

The one thing we know for certain is that every energy transfer solution is unique – regardless of size, industry, or product. So much depends on the age of your equipment, tanks, and utilities, how your business has changed, your product mix, volume and throughput requirements, environmental concerns, new and changing regulations, and finally wear and tear. Working with a sanitary process systems design-build partner, that is also a general contractor, ensures that with a single partner you can address all of your sanitary process and utility system needs.

Our experience with a wide variety of projects means we are uniquely qualified to solve virtually any challenge you can give us. We have clients that have engaged us to upgrade processes, adding new tanks and heat exchangers, replacing aging utility systems, adding capacity to hot water and cold glycol systems, expand a winery by adding tanks with interconnecting piping, modernize aging processes with sensors and automation, and retrofitting operating processes with filters for multi-barrier ingredient protection.

Let us prove that you can trust us with your toughest plant challenges and rely on us to get the job done – On Time, On Budget, On Task.

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