Mechanical, Welding, and Plumbing Services

Mechanical, Welding, and Plumbing Services For Your Industrial and Commercial Needs

Placer Process Systems offer our clients design, fabrication, and installation for commercial and industrial mechanical systems. We offer these capabilities as part of a one-stop-shop design-built package, stand-alone project, or limited-scope project. Our team self-perform the process and utility systems design, skid systems fabrication, equipment installation, mechanical piping, process piping, and specialty metals.

Process Piping, Welding Services, and Equipment Installation are Placer Process’ Core Capabilities

Our team of expert engineers, mechanical designers, process fabricators, piping layout experts, and skilled welders are capable to meet any mechanical and plumbing project needs for our customers including:

  • Process piping and plumbing systems
  • Piping design, support systems, and pipe routing
  • Industrial, hydronic, steam, gas, and liquid utility piping
  • Mechanical equipment installation
  • Medical gas systems
  • Laboratory air, gas, and deionized water systems
  • Heating, ventilation, and VRF systems
  • Laboratory exhaust systems, dust collection, exhaust duct, and specialty metals
  • Food & Beverage process and utility installation
  • Brewhouse, artisan cheese, plant-based alternatives, cannabis, and winery system welding services and installation
Mechanical Installation

Placer Process Offers a Variety of Welding Services to Meet Your Requirements

As a leading process piping and process systems contractor, our in-house team offers a selection of welding services for various materials and requirements to meet your specific process and utility needs. We are setup to perform these services at our fabrication shop in Rocklin, CA and as your project needs, we can come to your site to perform on-site welding and fabrication services. The following are the standard welding services that we offer:

  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Arc Welding
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
Placer Process Welding

We Also Offer These Services


The key to our success is in our well-rounded, collaborative, and practical design philosophy and approach incorporating our depth as experienced designers, fabricators, and installers.


Our fabrication team is staffed with experts who work alongside our design team and are capable of meeting any of the various fabrication requirements.

Installation & Process Piping

Our design-build approach to installation and process piping provides operational advantages with a simplified contract to streamline the project and be more cost effective and time efficient

Controls & Automation

Placer Process can create well-designed sanitary process or utility systems with reliable controls and automation.

Field Services

Critical to a successful sanitary process systems project is the successful management of the project, and the supporting field services both during and after the installation and testing.

Mechanical, Welding & Plumbing

Our team of expert engineers, mechanical designers, process fabricators, piping layout experts, and skilled welders are capable to meet any mechanical and plumbing project needs for our customers.

Decades of Industry Expertise Combined with Best Practices in Design, Project Management, and Installation

At Placer Process, our many years as an expert sanitary process and utility systems provider form a strong foundation for our piping installation services. We draw upon good design practices and project experience to create an integrated team relying on direct employees of the company and an established network of subcontractor partners.

When you partner with Placer Process, we assign a team of experts in the type of process system you are building. We assign a competent and experienced team leader to be active as a single point of contact for design, budget, and schedule management for your sanitary process and utility piping installation project. The assigned project site supervisor is experienced in addressing the questions and needs of our customers as we kicked-off the projects.

Choosing Placer Process for your welding and mechanical services project means you will benefit from our various expertise with stainless steel fabrication of pipe, ducting, and structures. Our team will review the installation plan and offer our best installation practices as well as expert resources designated for your project. Contact us today and discover the Placer Process advantage!

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