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At any point in time, your mature manufacturing plants or your growing start-up manufacturing site will present the need to Upgrade, Retrofit, Expand, or Modernize a particular aspect of your sanitary process systems or a major overhaul to boost the production capacity, recipe changes, or directional changes due to plant conglomeration. Whether aging systems and piping, unforeseen system failures, changing product mix, or expanding nationally or with new product lines, the majority of process manufacturers are not always staffed internally to implement the entire project from start to finish.  Placer Process team can help you with your needs from audit to design to fabrication, installation, controls and automation, project management, and other ongoing service or plant modification needs.

Our commitment to you is to help you solve your toughest challenges in the plant. Placer Process is a design-build general engineering contractor specializing in executing your entire project from beginning to end — on Time, On Budget, and On Task.

Our solution-oriented approach allows us to design, build and install sanitary food, beverage, wine, beer,  dairy, cheese, and specialty alternative food process systems to meet your needs. Not only the sanitary system, we can also support your utility process needs considerations providing you with a more well-rounded approach for your project. Collaboration, teamwork, and joint participation are our advantage while taking the best of both worlds of your internal team’s experts combined with our practical knowledge and expertise in sanitary and utility design practices. We work with you every step of the way, from identifying the problem to creating the solution. Whether you need a process design developed for your multi-phase projects, a custom system built on-site or on as a frame-mounted skid module, process piping and equipment installation, or controls integration needs, you can count on our team’s strength and quality sanitary fabrication tools and methods for your installation project requirements. You can involve us to complete a turn-key system including design, procurement, fabrication and installation of process piping and utility systems, or alternatively engage in a standalone design, fabrication, and field installation services.

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Process Systems

Placer Process designs, procures, fabricates and installs a variety of sanitary process systems for dairy, cheese, wine, beer, food and beverage manufacturers. Every process manufacturing plant has its unique process and preferences that engaging a team with the breath of capabilities from developing a feasible design, practical solution, and best-practice installation would be an important criteria when selecting your contractor partner. Your project may affect a critical part of your production lines and require a partner with experience across multiple sectors of process manufacturing to conceptualize, design, and implement the solution successfully. Placer Process can be your strategic partner for your process needs within your plant locally or nationally. A small sample of our projects includes:

  • Receiving, storage, and transfer of raw bulk liquid ingredients
  • Handling, hydration, and transfer of dry ingredients
  • Automatic or semi-automatic ingredient mixing and blending
  • Product storage and transfer systems
  • Simple and complex mixproof and single seat automatic valve manifolds
  • Transfer panels
  • Thermal process, pasteurizer, and HTST systems
  • Product and ingredient piping transfer and distribution systems
  • Batching systems
  • Standardization systems
  • Separator or centrifuge systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Multi filler piping distribution systems
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Utility Systems

A critical supporting aspect of process systems is Utility. Without the utilities successfully designed, implemented, and integrated into the production line, the plant production and efficiency can be affected by the prolonged heating time, increasing cooling time, extended batching due to multiple system turning on at the same time, or worse case a high demand on one side of the plant causing  shut down of other main production lines within the plant. Placer Process team of engineering experts and skilled staffs are capable of designing, fabricating, installing, and integrating utility systems into your new or existing processes. Combining the practical needs of building the frame-mounted systems off-site to minimize disruption to your operation plants to planning and executing field piping and equipment installation projects, Placer Process can be your one-stop-shop for your process and utility system needs. A few examples of successful past projects include:

  • Utility water system
  • Process water system
  • Chilled water system
  • Hot water system
  • Chilled and warm glycol system
  • Jacket warming and cooling utility system
  • Bulk chemical storage and distribution system
  • Steam and condensate distribution system
  • Compressed air, nitrogen and CO2 distribution system

Design Services

The key to a successful process upgrade, expansion, modernize, and retrofit project in your plant starts with the Design.  Our project managers, engineers, and site supervisors will take the time to review your current plant condition, listen carefully to what you would like the current, immediate, and long-term process goals would be, and conceptualize one or multiple solutions using the up-to-date technology and current best practices to ensure the solution meets your needs not only today, but well into the future. Whether upgrade, retrofit, expansion or modernization, our experienced team has seen and done it before. The key to our success is in our well-rounded and collaborative design philosophy and approach. Any design project we do may include the following components:

  • On-site survey of process and manufacturing systems
  • On-site meetings to review process and manufacturing requirements
  • Process block flow diagrams
  • Project budgeting
  • Written scope of work
  • Project schedule
  • Process P&IDs including procedural overlays
  • Detailed 2D and/or 3D assembly drawings
  • Detailed equipment selection
  • Control narratives
  • Computer flow modeling for design verification
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Field Services

Once the design is agreed upon, we will work with your team to deliver the project and accomplish the scope of work within your current environment in a fashion that minimize disruption and any potential down time in your plant. We offer project and construction management services to promote seamless communication throughout various departments and groups involved within the project. We pride ourselves on our structured, plan-driven approach, and commit to 100% transparency throughout the project. Our field services team provides turn-key piping and equipment installation, project execution, as well as  maintenance, troubleshooting, and audit of your process and utility systems. These services include:

  • On-site consultation
  • Full project management
  • Construction management
  • Project scheduling
  • Detailed construction and assembly drawing packages
  • Field valve maintenance
  • Equipment start-up services
  • On-site operator training
  • Detailed P&ID drawing packages
  • Site audit and as-built system verification

For more information about process systems services and installation, contact Placer Process at 1-877-251-6082, or send us an email

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