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Producing dairy products that meet dairy and cheese standards with 3-A components and PMO-compliant practices are crucial for manufacturing safe and high-quality products that create and maintain brands you can trust. With Placer Process expertise, we can help you to apply best practices, improve your plant efficiency, and ensure the technologies you are using in your plant operations are up-to-date technologies.

As a general engineering contractor, Placer Process applies an integrated approach from the design phase, to practical sanitary installation assemblies. Our focus is to deliver operational excellence and include consideration for your future growth.

We have years of experience in designing and building custom sanitary dairy and cheese systems, specialty equipment and piping installations, building, or upgrading clean-in-place (CIP) systems, conversion from manual jumpers to automatic valve manifolds, and upgrading supporting utility systems for the new product lines. 

Our holistic approach incorporates design, fabrication, installation, and turnkey solutions involving building upgrades, mechanical, electrical, and controls to provide our customer with a complete solution from start to finish.

You can involve us in one part of the project or all as it fits your needs.  Our team of experts has the expertise to optimize plant design, meet your target production goals, implement sanitary design and installation practices, and improve your energy as well as chemical usage. We have done it all and you can count on Placer Process to help you solve your toughest plant challenges.

See examples of our work with dairy and cheese plants

Dairy Cheese Maturation Vat with positive displacement transfer pump

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Examples of our Work for Dairy & Cheese Plants

Our team of sanitary systems professionals cover all disciplines, including engineers, designers, project managers, and site supervisors. We have years of experience working with large, medium, and small dairies in the areas of raw milk processing, pasteurized milk handling, cheese, butter, ice cream kefir, and yogurt . Some examples of projects we have successfully completed include:

Dairy and Cheese

Dairy Work Examples

  • CIP process optimized to reduce water, save chemicals, and improve safety
  • Milk receiving time and cleaning improvements
  • Milk receiving, silos, transfer, and distribution
  • Separators, standardization, and homogenizers
  • Product to water change over yield improvement
  • Batching and blending systems
  • Dry Ingredient Hydration
  • HTST pasteurizer skids and vat pasteurizers
  • Mixproof valve manifolds
  • In-Line standardization
  • Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection for pasteurized water
  • Waste water audits for reduction
  • Aseptic processes 
  • Air, steam, condensate utilities
  • Tank Repair with confined space program

Cheese Work Examples

  • CIP process optimized to reduce water and chemical
  • Vat pasteurizer design and installation
  • Whey protein processing with RO and UF
  • Curd handling systems
  • Pigging systems for curd
  • Bulk vinegar systems
  • Steam, hot water and utility systems

Why Work with Placer Process?

Due to the years of experience of our core team, Placer Process can be your go-to partner for all of your plant process and utility system needs.  We work with dairies to modernize, retrofit, upgrade, and expand your existing plant systems, with minimal disruption and downtime, while always completing our project On Time, On Budget, and On Task.

Our consideration on People, Products, and the Planet will recognize alignment with your expectations for a strategic partner, your project needs, and your core values.

When you work with Placer Process you can expect:

  • Our well-seasoned project managers are involved from design to installation to any follow-up and support needs.
  • Our strength in Engineering and Design is the foundation of our projects
  • Tremendous breadth of experience and capability, based our combined years of work in in the Dairy and Cheese industry
  • Dedicated field labor skills to get your project vision accomplished
  • Our commitment to innovation and best practices is embedded in every project
  • Our projects are client focused and bottom line oriented

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Contact us to arrange a call or meeting to discuss your needs and how our solutions can improve quality and safety, while reducing production downtime.

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A big challenge for many dairy and cheese plants is to find a reliable strategic partner that you can trust, and that has all the skills and expertise in-house to help you successfully address all of your plant sanitary process systems needs.

Whether implementing a new Clean-in-Place solution, modernizing your HTST and vat pasteurization system, upgrading your fermentation tanks, skim and cream separation equipment, retrofitting your mix, blend, and storage tanks, expanding  a sterile grade process system or installation or new bottling line, you can count on our team of design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and project management experts to be your one-stop shop when you need improvements in your plant.

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