Sanitary Process Systems for Dairy, Cheese, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, & Cannabis Makers

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Placer Process is a leading design-build contractor for industry-specific sanitary process solutions, including Dairy, Cheese, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis production facilities. We design, build and implement everything from a ground up plant or production line, to providing target projects focused on any combination of plant modernizations, expansions, upgrades, and retrofits.

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Food & Beverage Sanitary Process Systems

The rapid growth in the food and beverage industry has spurred up the desire in scaling-up your process, automating your systems, increasing recipes, and amplifying your production capacity. While your food or beverage products are unique, there is a common and ongoing need for upgrading, expanding, modernizing and retrofitting the sanitary process systems in your plant.

Placer Process Systems are experts in solving your most challenging process and utility piping challenges in the plant.  Many years of operation have allow our teams to work with food and beverage production facilities to upgrade an existing process, incorporate new technologies, introduce new liquid and dry bulk ingredient systems, change production recipes and quality requirements, improve your production throughput, reduce your solids loss, scale-up your pilot plant, or build a new line or plant from the ground-up.

Food and Beverage Sanitary Process System

Winery Sanitary Process Systems

The Placer Process team is experienced in design, fabrication, planning, and building winery sanitary process systems, from receiving efficiency improvements to optimizing tank turn-over rate to better utilize your existing assets.

Depending on the size of your winery, your production goals may vary from producing high-quality wine from various grape varietals to developing smaller batches, scaling-up your production facility, upgrading an existing press and piping, addition of new equipment technology, or maximizing your facility throughput.

Placer Process has the experience and capabilities to help you with a part of your project or all of it.  As a general engineering contractor, Placer Process applies an integrated approach from design to practical sanitary installation assemblies, operational excellence, safety, quality, and environmental requirements, and consideration for your future growth. 

Winery Process System

Dairy & Cheese Sanitary Process Systems

Producing dairy products that meet dairy and cheese standards with 3-A components and PMO-compliant practices are crucial for manufacturing safe and high-quality products. They are essential in creating and maintain brands you can trust.  We can help you to apply best practices, improve your plant efficiency, and ensure the technologies you are using in your plant operations are the most up-to-date technologies, maximizing throughput, efficiency, and minimizing downtime.

As a general engineering contractor, Placer Process applies an integrated approach from the design phase to practical sanitary installation assemblies. Our focus is to deliver operational excellence and include consideration for your future growth.

We have years of experience in designing and building custom sanitary dairy and cheese systems, specialty equipment and piping installations, building, or upgrading clean-in-place (CIP) systems, conversion from manual jumpers to automatic valve manifolds, and upgrading supporting utility systems for the new product lines. 

Dairy and Cheese

Alternative Specialty Foods Sanitary Process Systems

Rapid growth in the alternative specialty food and beverage industry has triggered the need for manufacturers to scale up to meet demand. Your specialty foods may have been produced in a benchtop laboratory, or you may have expanded into a pilot scale stage. When it is time to scale up to a viable production facility, a reliable experienced sanitary process systems design-build contractor as your strategic partner will make the difference. We excel at tailoring process designs and system development for the new and never-made-before ingredients and products.

Placer Process Systems has years of experienced working in developing process designs for your next stage, as well as budgeting, system fabrication, and installation to meet your growth needs. We are experts in solving your most challenging process and utility piping challenges and capable of providing all services needed to successfully complete your next plant scale-up and expansion.

Banana Pancakes Gluten & Dairy Free

Brewery Sanitary Process Systems

The global popularity of and increasing market demand for craft beer has created a variety of challenges for brewers. Trying to upscale small batch operations to accommodate growing demand, increasing throughput in an existing facility, improving the separation process, and implementing new technology, whether domestic or offshore, in your brewhouse or production facility puts a variety of stresses on your plant’s sanitary process systems and staff.

Placer Process Systems specializes in turn-key process and utility systems for upgrading, expanding, modernizing, and retrofitting brewing production facilities.  We provide cost-effective fabrication solutions to support your already purchased equipment to help you get your brewery up and running quickly. We can support you on a batch test project, modifying your existing plant, or we can do it all, building you a new large-scale brewery from the ground-up.

Brewery Sanitary Process System

Cannabis Extracts & Foods Sanitary Process Systems

The rapid growth in popularity, acceptance, and legalization of cannabis in America leaves many labs and facilities puzzling through the best way to scale their small-batch production to meet the ever-increasing demand for extracts, edibles, and infused beverages for mass consumption. In addition to these challenges, companies are also facing new regulations from a variety of governmental bodies that all need to be met in order to operate legally.

Competitors are scrambling to be the first to bring new cannabis products to market and scale production to meet the huge demand for consumer goods containing targeted amounts THC and CBD. The best way to get ahead of the competition is to partner with experts who have experience outfitting cannabis labs and facilities with modern utility and sanitary process systems that allow for upscaling small batch operations quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Cannabis Extraction System

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