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Whether you have a mature manufacturing plant or a growing start-up, at virtually any time you may encounter the need to Upgrade, Retrofit, Expand, or Modernize a particular aspect of your sanitary process systems. It might be a major overhaul to boost the production capacity, recipe changes, or directional changes due to plant expansion or conglomeration.

The key to addressing the need is to find a strategic partner capable of understanding your need, and then designing, fabricating, and installing the right equipment to meet that need, whether it is an entire new Sanitary Process manufacturing line, Tanks, Process Piping, Utility Piping, Clean-in-Place, Heat Transfer System, Pasteurization System, or any custom process systems you have in mind.

The Placer Process team is here to help you with all of your sanitary process product and equipment needs—from design to fabrication, installation, controls and automation, and project management—ensuring a successful project that improves efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction.  We specialize in sanitary process skid systems and equipment for Dairy, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis applications.

Sanitary Process Systems Products

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Custom Sanitary Process Systems Skids, Equipment, and Engineered Products

Every process manufacturing plant making Dairy, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis products has its own unique equipment, piping, processes, and preferences that have built up over time. To successfully address your ever-changing needs and challenges in the plant, your success will be determined by the team you engage to plan and execute the project.

For over two decades, Placer Process has designed, fabricated, and installed a wide variety of sanitary process skid products for dairy, cheese, wine, beer, food, and beverage manufacturers. Working with our team of sanitary process skids and systems experts, leveraging the breadth and depth of capabilities we have developed over time, will ensure that your project is delivered successfully—On Time, On Budget, On Task.

We will create a feasible design for a workable and practical solution based on best practices, fabricate, and install it successfully. Whether tanks, equipment, process piping, utility piping, or skid system solutions, you can count on Placer Process to bring our experience across multiple sectors to conceptualize, design, and implement the product solution successfully. Placer Process can be your strategic partner for your product needs within your plant, whether locally or nationally.

Sanitary Process Systems Equipment

Clean-In-Place Systems and Engineered Solutions

Clean-in-Place system solutions and products are essential in modern day process manufacturing plants to ensure high product quality, avoid cross-contamination, and accelerate the cleaning process, while increasing productivity and reducing the amount of down time for cleaning tanks and lines. This is true for all industries, including Dairy, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis applications.

We offer several options for sanitary CIP products and systems to clean and sanitize your process piping, tanks, and equipment. Our basic one-, two-, or three-tank CIP skid system is designed to get your new CIP system up and running quickly. We also have custom CIP systems built with your specific needs in mind.

Whether your need is a CIP audit, upgrade, expansion, or ground-up build out, Placer Process has the experience to successfully execute the project and deliver the needed engineered process CIP systems solutions. We are an innovator in customizable CIP skid systems and products. Our cutting-edge CIP skid system designer and fabricator of skid solutions that avoid significant downtime of your line during the fabrication and installation process, as well as mobile CIP solutions for those plants with unique needs. Our typical CIP designs are compliant with FDA, USDA, and 3A standards. For a turnkey engineered CIP system for use in Dairy, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis applications, we also provide project planning, on-site piping installation, start-up, and training.

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Engineered Utility Systems Skids and Products

System utilities, whether it is cold water, hot water, glycol systems, or compressed air, are critical to the success, robustness, and consistency of any sanitary process systems. Poorly designed, implemented, and integrated utilities can negatively impact plant production and efficiency with prolonged heating time, increased cooling time, extended batching, and a host of other problems. Placer Process teams specialize in engineered utility systems skids and equipment for Dairy, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis industries.

We design your system in considerations of your peak, low, and typical demands to allow your utility systems to react promptly to the demand changes. In addition, we can help you design, engineer, and install various utility piping distribution network including utility system piping headers, sub headers, and use point drops.

Placer Process is built around a team of sanitary process and utility systems experts with years of broad experience across multiple types of utility systems in many sectors, enabling us to draw on our breadth and depth of experience to design, fabricate, install and seamlessly integrated utilities into your manufacturing lines.

To minimize disruption to your operations, we combine building frame-mounted systems off-site, with planning and executing field piping and equipment installation projects on-site. We can be your one-stop shop for your engineered sanitary process and utility skid and system needs.

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Sanitary Pasteurizers and Thermal Process Systems

Pasteurization and thermal process is essential in modern dairy, food, and beverage production for extended product shelf life, product safety and quality, especially milk, yogurt, cheese, juice, and alternative specialty food products. While pasteurization process is essential across innumerable consumable food and ready-to-drink products, it also has its own unique requirements that govern the set points and regulatory compliance, such as 3-A, PMO, FSMA, and other applicable standards.

We carefully consider the unique requirements for each application and apply the depth and breadth of our experience to designing and engineering pasteurization solutions and products that fit your unique product needs. We design continuous, semi-continuous, and batched pasteurization systems that incorporate vat pasteurization as well as other pasteurization technologies, such as High-Temperature-Short-Time (HTST), Higher-Heat-Short-Time (HHST), Ultra High Temperature (UHT), and Ultra Pasteurized (UP). By incorporating your process requirements, applicable regulations, system size, current plant capabilities, and project timeline, Placer Process offers either a modular skid-mounted pasteurizer system or an alternate field-installed process system.

Our standard pasteurizer systems follow hygienic sanitary standard practices. However, we have the ability to modify the system requirements for your project needs. Our process system piping is typically stainless steel, but we can provide alternative materials for specialty applications.

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Heat Transfer Systems Skid and Solutions

Placer Process are experts in designing and innovating heat transfer skidded systems for hot and cold water or glycol utilities. Our heat transfer systems designs are intended to maximize energy transfer responsiveness while minimizing capital investment for your key process system equipment. The prominent design feature of our heat transfer systems is the rapid reaction time for the demand fluctuations as process systems are starting-up at various time throughout the production facility. Our heat transfer solutions and products for Dairy, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis applications include hot water sets, cold water sets, glycol distribution systems, heating loops, cooling loops, and energy recovery systems.

We offer a range of custom designed and engineered solutions to meet your process requirements and energy savings goals. We recognize that the available space in an industrial plant can be scarce. Our design team is creative and capable of adapting our heat transfer systems for tight spaces and smaller footprints.

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