Upgrading Your Process Pre-Heater for Greater Capacity

Retrofit Process System Experts

With new technologies emerging there are often ample opportunities for upgrading the processes in a dairy or milk production facility. Not all upgrades are equal and most plant managers know that the upgrades that improve capacity and efficiency are always the first to be implemented. In such a case Placer Process was contacted by a […]

Timely Installation, Start-Up, and Training for Your Facility Processes Equipment

Process Equipment Installation

It is not uncommon for new process system equipment to be delivered loose with additional tanks, pumps, packaging lines, and centrifuges. Properly designing installing, configuring, these components while also providing the correct supporting utility and process piping makes the difference between long downtime periods and a quick installation and setup of new equipment with minimal […]

Make the Most of Your Process Equipment Investment

Process Equipment Installation

There is a tremendous amount capital and planning required to bring in, install, configure, and support process system equipment in your existing food, beverage dairy, wine, or beer production facility. Placer Process often gets called in to help customers install and configure new process equipment quickly and properly. Designing process systems properly combined with good […]

Warming Jacket for Wine Tanks with Independent Control

Water Warming Jacket

Every wine maker knows that consistent temperature for your wine fermentation tanks is critical to crafting an award winning wine season after season. While the geographical location and region the winery is located in has very consistent weather – that doesn’t mean the temperature fluctuations do not cause issues. Even a single cold snap during […]

A Steady Temperature for Better Wine Fermentation

Water Warming Jacket

An important fundamental of producing high quality wine every year is consistent temperature during the fermentation process. This is critical to reproducing the exact flavor profile and characteristics of award winning wines. This is why so many wineries are built in a climate without large fluctuations in weather. Even in these ideal spaces sudden weather […]

Process System Controls and PLC System Modernizations

Control Panel Design for Food and Beverage

One of our customers who is a leader in manufacturing glass material containers needed modernization of their process system controls for a key step in the bottle making process involving a specialized resin solution to help with label adhesion. The previous PLC system in charge of this was over 30 years old and posed a […]

Timely PLC and Process System Controls Upgrades Reduce Risk of Costly Shutdowns

Dosing Manifold Design for Food and Beverage Facilities

As process systems age it is common for the industrial control systems that help them operate efficiently become obsolete and unsupported by the manufacturers. This problem is compounded by many smaller manufacturers exiting the market to be replaced with a few large international manufacturers. In addition to manufacturers supporting fewer PLC and process system controls […]

Benefits of Custom Automated CIP Systems

Clean In Place System

It’s common for food and beverage production facilities to manually clean their production lines. This is often very cost-effective in smaller plants but as production lines expand and new demands are met, any facility manager knows there comes a time where automation scales much better and an investment is needed to keep the facility running […]

The Downsides to Cleaning Complex Production Lines Manually

CIP System

One of our customers is a leader in producing high quality and healthy single serving frozen meals had an ever growing challenge in cleaning their production lines. The meals variations that were being produced featured different sauces that needed to be transferred to process tanks, mixers, and heat exchangers. With each new line or variation […]