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Established for many years, the growing wine, dairy, cheese, beer, food and beverage manufacturers will need to meet increasing production throughput. Modernizing existing equipment and process systems can help with a more streamlined process and increased efficiency. Normal wear and tear over decades of use, unexpected equipment failures, or the need to increase throughput without building an entire new sanitary process line are a few reasons to modernize your process systems within your plant. Regardless of the reason, modernizing significant portions of your process manufacturing equipment is a daunting task and should not be taken lightly.

Finding and engaging a strategic partner that can work with you to successfully modernize your sanitary process lines in the plant (quickly and cost effectively) is essential to the success of the project and will make this process easier and less disruptive. Our team of sanitary process systems design-build experts are here to help you address your most challenging modernization needs in the plant as they arise.

Sanitary Process System Modernization Experts

A significant number of past projects for our wine, dairy, cheese, beer, food and beverage customers have been modernizations in the plant to existing process systems including supporting sanitary process piping, utilities, controls, and automation. There are many situations where a project to modernize equipment in an existing process plant is preferable to adding a new system with limited floor space available; lowering cost and making use of available assets.

Placer Process is a general engineering contractor with years of experience in the industry. Our internal team of experts are fully capable of managing your entire modernization project, or part of it, depending on your needs. We are staffed with process engineers, fabricators, controls and automation experts, as well as project managers available to successfully deliver all aspects of your sanitary process system modernization project.

See some of our examples of modernizing process systems

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Examples of Modernizing Work

The Placer Process team can fluidly work within your existing plant infrastructure to modernize your line quickly and efficiently while working continuously with your team to minimize impact to your existing production target and schedule. Examples of modernization projects we have successfully completed include:

  • Replacement of existing aging pump technology with high-efficiency modern pump technology suitable for the customer’s specific application
  • Integrating the latest technology within the process and utility system applications to meet the customer’s requirement of plant standards
  • Plant-wide process assessment and valve replacement projects to comply with the latest national plant quality standards
  • Development of automatic or semi-automatic process systems with Ethernet, AS-I, IO-Link, and other communication networks to meet the customer’s increasing diagnostic needs of sensors and valves within the process plants

These are just a few specific examples of how we can help you modernize the sanitary process systems in your food and beverage plant.

SKID Mounted Centrifuge

Why Work with Placer Process for your Sanitary System Plant Modernization

Our core team has spent years working with dairy, cheese, beer, wine, food and beverage makers like yourself to solve your toughest plant challenges.  Our holistic approach ensures that all our work is in alignment with your expectations of a strategic partner, focused on your project needs, and in sync with your core values. Our work is always focused on minimizing downtime and disruptions, while completing our projects On Time, On Budget, and On Task.

When you work with Placer Process you can expect:

  • Our well-seasoned project managers are involved from design to installation to any follow-up and support needs
  • Our strength in Engineering and Design is the foundation of our projects
  • Breadth and depth of experience and capability, based on our combined years of work in wine, dairy, cheese, beer, food and beverage industries
  • Dedicated field labor skills to get your modernization project vision accomplished
  • Our commitment to innovation and best practices is embedded in every modernization project
  • Our projects are client focused and bottom line oriented

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