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The wine industry has over the years made a lot of effort for continuous improvements. Placer Process has a team experienced in design, fabrication, planning, and building systems from receiving efficiency improvements to optimizing tank turn-over rate to better utilize your existing assets.

Depending on the size of your winery, your production goals may vary from producing high-quality wine from various grape varietals to developing smaller batches, scaling-up your production facility, upgrading an existing press and piping, addition of new equipment technology, or maximizing your facility throughput.

Placer Process has the experience and capabilities to help you with a part of your project or all of it.  As a general engineering contractor, Placer Process applies an integrated approach from design to practical sanitary installation assemblies, operational excellence, safety, quality, and environmental requirements, and consideration for your future growth.

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Winery Process System

Wine Industry Expertise

Placer Process also considers your process flow from crushing, fermentation, blending, separating, filtration, tempering, to bottling. We utilize a holistic approach to successfully deliver your project, incorporating accommodations for existing processes, size limitations, and utilities and accessories upgrades to enable your project to run smoothly while you focus on the peak of the crush season.

Our talented design and fabrication team always includes the capabilities of your existing plants, repurposing your existing processing assets, and strategizing along with your team to optimize your production facility. We have worn many hats within projects from design, fabrication, installation, and turn-key capacity involving building upgrades, mechanical, electrical, and controls to get our customer a complete solution from start to finish.

Winery Process Piping System Contractor

Our team is capable of adapting to your latest foreign specialty technology to be suitable for domestic installations and to comply to the US standards. Our breadth of experience includes complete design and build process and utility systems within an existing infrastructure, as well as upgrading your infrastructure along with the associated process and utilities to meet your current and future project needs.

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Examples of our Work for Wineries

We have successfully completed a diverse range of projects for wine production both small and large, including:

  • Must and wine piping design and installations
  • Crush pad upgrades
  • Fixed and portable clean-in-place systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Wine clarification systems
  • Tank control systems for temperature, level, and brix monitoring
  • Chilled and warm glycol utility systems
  • Separator/centrifuge systems
  • Solids recovery and load-out systems
  • Jacket cooling and warming utility piping installation and automation
  • Access platform build-up or modification
  • Fermentation and holding tank installation, piping and automation
  • Thermal utilities for pasteurizing or tempering
  • Aseptic processes
  • Mixproof valve manifolds
  • Installation and modification of bottling for a variety of filler lines

Why Work with Placer Process?

Due to the years of experience of our owners and core team, Placer Process can be your go-to partner for all of your wine process and utility system needs.  We work with wineries to modernize, retrofit, upgrade, and expand your existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime, while always completing our project On Time, On Budget, and On Task.

Our focus on People, Products, and the Planet ensure that all of our work is in alignment with your expectations for a strategic partner, your project needs, and your core values.

When you work with Placer Process you can expect:

  • Our well-seasoned project managers are involved from design to installation to any follow-up and support needs.
  • Our strength in Engineering and Design is the foundation of our projects
  • Tremendous breadth of experience and capability, based our combined years of work in in the Wineries industry
  • Dedicated field labor skills to get your project vision accomplished
  • Our commitment to innovation and best practices is embedded in every project
  • Our projects are client focused and bottom line oriented

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Contact us to arrange a call or meeting to discuss your needs and how our solutions can improve quality and safety, while reducing production downtime.

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A big challenge for many wine makers is finding a reliable strategic partner that you can trust, and that has all the skills and expertise in-house to help you successfully address all of your plant sanitary process systems needs.

You can count on our team of design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and project management experts to be your one-stop shop when you need improvements in your winery.

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