Sanitary Holding Tubes is Pivotal to Successful HTST Pasteurization System

Holding Tubes: Holding tubes are designed to contain a fixed volume of tubing that retains a product for a specific duration at a given flow rate. These tubes are essential for various processes like pasteurization, sterilization, thermal deactivation, and tempering. Such processes require a specific dwell time at a particular temperature for effective results.


Placer Process HTST Sanitary Tubing

Quality Assurance by Placer Process: Placer Process emphasizes high-quality standards, including excellent welds, top-notch materials, and superior workmanship. This dedication ensures that the holding tube systems meet the stringent requirements of the industry. Addressing critical points is a crucial aspect of this quality assurance.

Placer Process places a strong emphasis on precision and compliance in designing holding tube systems. The additional details you’ve provided highlight the commitment to creating tailored solutions that adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the key points you’ve mentioned:

  1. Custom Design by Process Engineers: Our experienced process engineers are responsible for designing holding tube systems that are not only accurately sized for specific applications but also meet the stringent standards set by regulatory bodies such as the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO), FDA, and USDA. This approach ensures that the designed systems align perfectly with the operational needs and regulatory guidelines of your customers.
  2. Compliance with PMO, FDA, and USDA Standards: Your focus on meeting standards set by PMO, FDA, and USDA underscores the importance of producing holding tube systems that adhere to strict regulations governing the production, handling, and distribution of food products. This emphasis on compliance assures customers that their processes are conducted within a safe and legal framework.
  3. Flow Diversion Valve (FDV) Integration: Offering pre-fit holding tubes with a Flow Diversion Valve (FDV) is an advanced feature that adds versatility and control to the system. The FDV serves multiple functions, including diverting unpasteurized product back to a balance tank, directing pasteurized product for forward flow, and even providing leak detection. This integrated solution enhances the efficiency, safety, and automation of the pasteurization process.

By highlighting these aspects, you demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and requirements faced by your clients in the food, beverage, and dairy processing industry. Our commitment to quality design, compliance with standards, and innovative features such as integration of the latest and greatest process technology positions Placer Process as a reliable partner for process systems seeking advanced and reliable design, installation, and turnkey solutions. If you have any questions or specific aspects of an upcoming project you’d like to discuss, feel free to ask!


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