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Placer Process is committed to meeting the 2030 goals embracing diversity, providing environmentally responsible designs, and operating with fair and equitable business practices.

Our diverse staff with multitude experiences have allowed us to develop innovative ways to approach every challenge to meet our customers’ needs and beyond giving them the freedom to do what they do best – producing and inventing the next best tasting products within our continuously evolving world.

Livia Wijono, PE, MBA, VP of Operations

– Livia Wijono, PE, MBA
VP of Operations

Solving Your Most Challenging Process System Needs

We are sanitary process systems experts that solve your toughest challenges in the plant, whether your need is Upgrade, Expansion, Modernize, or Retrofit projects, as well as ground-up, design-build sanitary process and utility systems. We specialize in working within your current process plant infrastructure to design and build equipment, process, control, and utility solutions that will increase your plant efficiency, product quality, safety, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

By combining the capabilities of designer, fabricator, installer and project manager within a group of highly skilled experts, we provide the advantage of a fast-track approach to designing and delivering your unique project – On Time, On Budget, On Task.

We Also Offer These Services


The key to our success is in our well-rounded, collaborative, and practical design philosophy and approach incorporating our depth as experienced designers, fabricators, and installers.


Our fabrication team is staffed with experts who work alongside our design team and are capable of meeting any of the various fabrication requirements.

Installation & Process Piping

Our design-build approach to installation and process piping provides operational advantages with a simplified contract to streamline the project and be more cost effective and time efficient

Controls & Automation

Placer Process can create well-designed sanitary process or utility systems with reliable controls and automation.

Field Services

Critical to a successful sanitary process systems project is the successful management of the project, and the supporting field services both during and after the installation and testing.

Mechanical, Welding & Plumbing

Our team of expert engineers, mechanical designers, process fabricators, piping layout experts, and skilled welders are capable to meet any mechanical and plumbing project needs for our customers.

Industries We Serve

Let Us Solve Your Toughest Process System Challenges

Our Expertise Creates Our Value

Our ability to be a strategic partner to world class clients in multiple industries is built around several competencies required for successfully delivering sanitary process system projects.

Sanitary Process Expertise

A strong appreciation for the unique needs of process manufacturers and sanitary systems, including wine, beer, beverages, all aspects of dairy, cheese, and food processors, gained by years of experience working on challenging design and installation projects.

Engineering and Design Driven

Years of hands-on process and controls engineering experience leading successful process system projects, from audit to design to fabrication to installation.

Breadth of Projects Delivered

A team of professionals with the experience and flexibility to successfully take on upgrade, expansion, modernization, and retrofit projects, as well as greenfield projects from the ground up.

General Contractor, We Do It All

Our ability to deliver the entire project using internal staff and strategic partners. We are a licensed general engineering contractor with experienced journeymen required for the project.

Compliant With Regulatory Requirements

Complete understanding of the current landscape of sanitation and regulatory requirements for process design considerations.

Innovative and Industry
Best Practices Driven

The ability to innovate and use the most current materials and technology to create long-lived systems that ensure our clients will not be modernizing anytime soon.

Committed to Quality

Years of learning and applying our experience to maintain the highest standards of construction, cleaning, and minimizing contamination that compromises product quality and consumer safety.

Client Focused, Bottom Line Oriented

Always remembering that our clients' ultimate goals are customer satisfaction driven by high quality and safe products, delivered with high plant productivity and efficiency, in a cost effective way.

Contact Us For Your Next Project

Contact us to arrange a call or meeting to discuss your needs and how our solutions can improve quality and safety, while reducing production downtime.

Types of Projects

We have successfully delivered custom sanitary process system projects for industry leaders, niche product producers, and start-ups including Wineries, Breweries, Dairy, Cheese, Food and Beverage.

The one thing we know for certain is that every project is unique – regardless of size, industry, or product. So much depends on the age of your equipment, tanks, and utilities, how your business has changed, your product mix, volume and throughput requirements, environmental concerns, new and changing regulations, and finally wear and tear.

Due to our experience with so many types of projects, we are uniquely qualified to solve virtually any challenge you can give us. We have clients that have engaged us to upgrade processes, adding new tanks and heat exchangers, expand a winery by adding tanks with interconnecting piping, modernize an aging process by adding sensors and automation, and retrofit an operating process by adding filters for multi-barrier ingredient protection.

Let us prove that you can trust us with your toughest plant challenges, and rely on us to get the job done – On Time, On Budget, On Task.

Examples of our work include:

  • Design-build Clean-in-Place System for a liquid milk plant
  • Complete process system design-build for an artisan cheese manufacturer
  • CIP capable fermentors for UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology
  • Boiler installation, steam piping, and steam-distribution design
  • Water conservation engineering study, project planning and multi-phase budgeting
  • Comprehensive turn-key design skid fabrication, as well as installation of process and utilities
Process System Tank Experts

Let Us Solve Your Toughest Process Challenge

Through our turn-key solutions we provide the advantage of a fast-track design-build approach focused on your unique project. This ensures your project is completed on budget and on time to your unique specifications.

There are a variety of factors that can drive the need to upgrade your process equipment piping and utilities. The always changing world of regulatory compliance, increasing awareness of environmental impacts, risk mitigation, cost reduction, and adding or improving automation tools are but a few examples.
Contacting Placer Process gives you a strategic partner with a single team of experienced sanitary process systems professionals to help you solve your toughest challenges in the plant.

With success comes growth. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to increase volume and throughput to satisfy a growing market, a new product introduction, or an acquisition requiring new process and utility piping solutions.

Our team of seasoned professionals brings together the engineering, design, fabrication, installation and project management skills to deliver your expansion project on time, on budget, and on task.

With the intense competitive pressures in the food and beverage industries, having the most up-to-date, efficient process is a key factor in streamlining you operation and growing your business. Sometimes plant equipment and piping just reaches the end of its useful life and the line needs modernizing.

Based on your needs and budget, we will design, build, and implement a solution built on industry best practices.

Retrofitting equipment, controls, process, and utility piping in the plant needs to be accomplished efficiently to reduce process line downtime. Retrofits may be necessary to account for changes in product mix, new product innovations, and more.

With all required expertise under one roof, we can fast track the project to minimize disruption to the flow of product.

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We Focus On People, Products, and the Planet

Operating systems inherently have risk due to chemical and heat exposure. Our designs carefully try to identify these risks to improve safety for your employees who will work with the systems after installation. The designs account for your quality program, allowing the product to be stable after packaging and enjoyable for your consumers.

Our team of experts are passionate in our commitment to the environment and have made environmentally friendly solutions a core competency at Placer Process.

Why Work With Placer Process

A common thread for process manufacturers is the need to find a trustworthy and reliable strategic partner to help solve your process system challenges – whether replacing broken and inefficient equipment, upgrading old equipment, expanding the plant, or installing an entirely new system. With the team we have gathered, and the core competencies we have built our success on, we are confident that we can be your go-to strategic partner for all things in your plant relating to tanks, pipes and utilities.

If you are facing Retrofit, Modernization, Expansion, or Upgrade needs in the near future, the Placer Process team of design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and project management experts is your one-stop-shop when you need improvements in your plant.

In summary, Placer Process is unique in the industry – a group of highly experienced industry professionals, specializing in solving problems and designing innovative equipment, process and utility solutions for your plant.

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