Control & Automation Solutions for Sanitary Process Systems

Control and Automation Solutions Increase Efficiency and Safety in the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Plant

Controls and Automation have become essential to making the system more reliable, faster change-over time, and minimizing operator interaction in producing a consistent high-quality product. Incorporating automation and upgrading aging control systems for process and utility systems will allow streamlining and optimization of the manufacturing process for Dairy, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis producers.

Our experienced electrical engineers are not only specialized in sanitary process systems, but we are also experts in designing and implementing turnkey control and automation systems that integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing facility and processes. We incorporate your facility equipment standards and standard operating protocols (SOP) to provide control systems in alignment to your plant quality, maintenance, and controls group. We work with our sanitary division team to produce process systems with your desired level of automation to fit your process, utility, budget, time, and expansion needs.

Process Controls Automation Services

As food and beverage manufacturers are always trying to increase efficiency, cost effectiveness, and safety in the plant, Placer Process controls team design state-of-the-art control and automation systems specifically for Dairy, Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis manufacturers that will improve your manufacturing environment by:

We can also help you transform outdated or challenging systems into reliable, fully integrated control and automation systems.

Integrating New and Existing Systems Controls

Placer Process team can integrate new and existing systems controls, interlock, and automation for various process and utility systems, such as:

Control and Automation Services for Wine, Beer, Dairy, Cheese, Cannabis, Food, Beverage, and Alternative Specialty Foods

Given our decades of sanitary process systems experience, and our team of highly skilled and experienced electrical engineers, we are able to be your single design-build partner for all of your process and utility systems needs, including incorporating state of the art controls and automation systems into every aspect of your modernization, retrofit, repair/maintenance, or ground up build.  Our control and automation solutions include:

We have successfully delivered custom sanitary process system projects with embedded control and automation systems for industry leaders, niche product producers, and start-ups including Wineries, Breweries, Dairy, Cheese, Food, Beverage, and Cannabis.

The one thing we are certain of is that every project is unique – no matter the size, industry, or product. A tremendous amount depends on the age of your equipment, tanks, and utilities, how your business has changed, your product mix, volume and throughput requirements, environmental concerns, new and changing regulations, and finally wear and tear.  Our experienced design-build team will take your project from concept to implementation, no matter the complexity or uniqueness of your product, environment, or needs.

Let us prove that you can trust us with your toughest plant challenges, and rely on us to get the job done – On Time, On Budget, On Task.

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