Optimizing Clean-In-Place Frequency to Manage Risk and Maximize Production

We went over how our filtering system increased ingredient longevity by filtering potential contaminants upstream in our last blog post, but that wasn’t the only benefit to the project. Placer Process and our team of seasoned engineers also balanced and optimized the clean-in-place frequency to manage risk and maximize production in the food, beverage, dairy, and milk facility.

While the clean-in-place system should have been optimized when first installed, as the facility grows, changes, and time takes a toll on the equipment it’s important to audit and reoptimize CIP systems periodically. Our team has decades of experience with clean-in-place systems specifically and after a detailed audit can make changes plus any modernizations and upgrades needed to make the production lines as efficient as possible while still properly managing the risk of potential micro counts.

Improving Ingredient Longevity With Sanitary Process Systems
If you’re looking for a system audit or wish to upgrade your process system contact us today to see how we can help make your food, beverage, wine, beer, cannabis, and alternative specialty food manufacturing plant more profitable and efficient. Click here to read the full article about improving facility efficiency and managing risk

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