Filtering Potential Contaminants Upstream Increases Ingredient Longevity

The success and profits of any food, beverage, wine, beer, dairy, milk, or alternative specialty food manufacturing plant hinges on streamlined and efficient processes. Making optimizations in the correct places in the processes results in longer uptime, higher quality products, and more efficient use of raw ingredients. A popular addition to facilities that improves food, beverage, milk, dairy, and alternative specialty foods shelf life and makes more efficient use of raw ingredients is a membrane filter system upstream.

Improving Ingredient Longevity With Sanitary Process Systems

One of the popular ways to integrate membrane filtration systems upstream is to upgrade existing production lines. This included a multi-cartridge filter housing, a water manifold for backwashing and prolonging filter usage, steam utilities, and an automatic valve manifold. This resulted in a system that not only filtered out the contaminants, but it also included a combination between mixproof and single seat valve manifold to allow circulation of liquid ingredients from multiple ingredient tanks for greater flexibility in the facility.

As always our team of seasoned engineers delivered this project on time and within the budget for our customer. If you have a similar project and are looking for a strong partner for your plant upgrade contact us today.

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