Improving Your Ingredient Longevity by Filtering Potential Contaminants Upstream

Improve the Life Cycle of Ingredients Used in Your Process Systems

Raw ingredients used during the blending and batching can cause issues with the longevity and quality of your product. Some of these ingredients are prone to attract environmental moisture and other potential contaminants – becoming an intrusive host for mold spores to grow. This sort of contamination carries through the process if not addressed and directly affects the shelf life of the end product.

Considering a Balance on CIP Frequency to Manage Risk

Sanitary process systems can be used to keep the high-throughput production facility operating longer in between clean-in-place (CIP) cycles. There is limitation on when the continuous or semi-continuous system would have to be down for a CIP cycle. While balancing between optimizing operating time and managing risk of potential micro counts, additional measures can be implemented to prolong your up time.

Addition of Membrane Filtration System as Particle Separation Alternative

One of the solutions that Placer Process implemented is upgrading an existing production line with a custom filtration system that filters out foreign matter. This system includes multi-cartridge filter housing, a water manifold for backwashing and prolong filter usage, steam utilities, and an automatic valve manifold. This system not only filters out the contaminants – the steam utilities are able to sterilize the product in place with an automated system. We also include a combination between mixproof and single seat valve manifold to allow circulation of liquid ingredient from multiple ingredient tanks for greater flexibility in the facility.
Improving Ingredient Longevity With Sanitary Process Systems

An Integrated Approach to Sanitary Process Systems

The integration of these types of filtration systems may improve the product quality and minimize product hold time as they meet the quality control criteria. Our solutions often save the customer from having to outsource for a more expensive raw product while simultaneously allowing a timely launch of new product lines in time and on budget.

As a general engineering contractor & custom-designed system fabricator, Placer Process applies an integrated approach from design to practical sanitary installation assemblies, operational excellence, safety, quality, environmental requirements, and considerations for your future growth. Our ability to team up with the customers and understand their needs in the features and capabilities of the systems allows us to design and build the system that suits their desired requirements. Contact Placer Process to find out how we can help you solve your toughest plant challenges.

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