Upgrading Your Process Manufacturing Plant for Improved Process Technology

Industry and product innovations in food, beverage, and dairy plants drive the need for upgrades, retrofits, and expansions to the existing process systems and manufacturing methods. Here we will discuss a case study where one of our clients was rolling out a change in their product line and needed their processes to be updated to accommodate the new requirements.

While there is typical transformation to packaging of the products, the method of blending and flavor addition within the product lines can often changes to appeal to the existing market and expanding to a new consumer base. Once the customer has developed a product concept and considering specialty technology involved in the new product line, this is where Placer Process came in to develop the installation plan, process and utility piping construction, as well as integration to the existing lines.

A few considerations during the planning, installation, and construction stage are which systems the products may come from, what flexibility options the customer may need, how to bring in various raw ingredients and product to the new system, which utility to tie-in, how to deliver effective CIP to the new line and equipment, as well as considering the requirement of the new filler. Find out how Placer Process deliver timely project completion to our customer.

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