Fruit Dosing

Project Background

Our customer is a premiere supplier of milk and dairy products to the Western region of the United States. As market demands change, so do the product offerings our customer must be able to produce. Fruit in a yogurt cup is a type of product that is consistently consumed and is one of our customer’s primary product offerings. To keep a fresh spin on the fruit in a yogurt cup concept, new ways of presenting the fruit must be developed along with engineering new filling techniques to produce the new concepts. Filling and dosing systems were designed and fabricated to produce a new fruit in a cup concept for our customer that needed to be installed and integrated into their facility’s existing infrastructure.

Project Hurdles

Our customer had designated the placement of the filler and dosing systems within their facility but had no means of bringing CIP, product or utilities to these new systems. Prior to the installation, all jumper panels for CIP and white mass were being used by other product lines. The equipment also required sanitary grade utilities, but the available supply options did not meet this requirement.

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Fruit Feeder Dosing Case Study

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Placer Process Systems provided design services to determine how to bring CIP and white mass to the filler and dosing systems without interrupting the existing product lines. This was done so by adding new jumper panels to expand the existing CIP and product flow transfer options to allow new lines to be installed to the new systems.

Placer Process Systems used their designs to fabricate and install the new jumper panels and transfer lines to the new filler and dosing systems. New utility lines were branched from the main utility headers and routed to new sanitary grade filters with steam sterilization blowdown prior to the filler and dosing system points of connection.    


Placer Process’ solution incorporated the new jumper panels for CIP, product, and filling transfer line allowing installation of the new filler and fruit dosing systems without interrupting any existing product lines. The jumper panels and new process and utility lines were installed during off production hours to eliminate the possible contamination of other product lines while in production. This project is one of many examples where Placer Process team are working alongside the customers’ team to meet the project goals in a budget-friendly and timely manner.

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