Turn-Key Silo Installation for Milk and Ready-to-Drink Process Systems

Upgrading Your Ready-to-Drink and Milk Raw Liquid Ingredient Silos

In our earlier blog post we covered an upgrade expansion project that addressed a need for one of our customers new product lines and limited existing silo capacity. You can read more about Expanding Your Process System for a New Line of Ready-to-Drink and Milk Products here. As a brief review, our customer had limited space for a raw liquid ingredient upgrade that was crucial for the newly planned products. Naturally our team rose to the challenge and we will outline the beautiful solution they provided to the premier producer of milk and ready-to-drink products in the western region of the US.

Placer Process provided a turn-key solution for the silo installation that included calculations to confirm the silo size to optimize the project budget. Our team also provided specifications for the silo, allowing the customer to get multiple bids with full consideration for freight and service costs.

Our customer enjoyed the benefit of having a single point of contact for the project rather than juggling multiple vendors. Our team set to work seamlessly installing the silo, process piping, CIP supply and returning piping, electrical, and control panel upgrades so that it did not impact ongoing plant operations and was easy to start using after project completion.

This is just one of the many examples of superior service and attention to detail that makes Placer Process one of the best process system contractors in the industry. Call Placer Process today if you want your project to be completed On Time, On Budget, On Task.

You can read more about the fully case study on raw liquid ingredient upgrades here

Liquid Ingredient Upgrade Process System

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