Upgrading A Ready-to-Drink and Milk Product Process System

Expanding Your Process System for a New Line of Ready-to-Drink and Milk Products

One of the big challenges we help our customers solve is how to expand their production line capacity. Sometimes this is driven through a need for greater output due to market demands, or it could be needed to accommodate a new line of products such as in the example we are about to outline.

Placer Process was hired to help a premier supplier of ready-to-drink and milk products who had reached maximum capacity for raw storage. This was creating a bottleneck in the production line that would prevent the plant from expanding with additional products. Not only did our milk and read-to-drink raw liquid ingredient upgrade need to tie into existing lines and tanks throughout the facility but it was crucial that it was large enough for future expansions and installed in the limited remaining space of the plant.

As always our team delivered the project on time, on budget, on task, providing an ideal solution to a premier producer.

For more information on this project you can read the full case study here.

Liquid Ingredient Upgrade Process System

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