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Placer Process regularly helps our clients with their greenfield projects involving equipment installation, stainless steel pipe and welding specialties. Often our clients have projects with various considerations and specifications that need to be met and coalesce into an optimally operating process system that integrates with additional components or existing infrastructure. During projects like these it’s crucial to partner with a food process system engineering company that can see the big picture with all the moving pieces and design a solution that takes all features into consideration.

Too many times we have seen solutions that are too focused on one facet of a project and have missed opportunities or inefficiencies that ultimately effect the bottom line, ease of use, or quality of products being produced. With a capable in-house team of field installers, engineers, welders, and a proven track record of properly considered designs and fabrication, we can bring all the moving pieces together to deliver a remarkable system that is completed timely and within the budget.

Packaged Food

Our customers are regularly pleased with our nimble and practical approach to projects that meet all specifications and exceed expectations. If you have a project that you want a single company to handle from start to finish don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your project.

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