Food and Beverage Specialty Stainless Steel Pipe and Process Equipment Installation

As with most food and beverage manufacturers, our customers need to increase their production capacity within their existing operating plant. One way to achieve this goal is by expanding its infrastructure, adding more piping, supplementing with more storage and batch tanks, or purchasing more key processing skids or fillers to expand their processing capacity and increase throughput. As experienced general engineering contractor, Placer Process offers these key services to support each of our customers with welding, mechanical piping design, and equipment installation services. Placer Process offers these services in food, beverage, winery, brewery, dairy, cheese, alternative foods, cannabis, medical, hospital, restaurants, and other various industries.

Not only we can help our customers with a project as a general contractor that can help take care of the project from start to finish, but we also offer these services as stand alone projects for our clients for process and utility systems design, pipe routing layouts, fabrication, installation, welding services, and start-up support. To maintain the excellent quality that our company is proud of, we have our in-house team to perform each of these functionalities from process design engineers, CAD drafters, project managers, specialty field crews with years of experience in the industry for welding and assembling stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and other specialty materials piping, tubing, and custom components.

Process System Specialty Welding

With our in-house capabilities of field installation and welding services, we can accurately estimate a project and give our customers a more practical approach as we design a process expansion plan or a brand-new process line all together. Our customers have been very satisfied with our nimble and practical approach to each project. We are able to quickly design a process, put a project budget together, giving a reasonable experience-based timeline, and have our installation team react quickly to the customers’ needs. Some examples are building a custom skid or installing a custom equipment with complete and loose parts needed to be field assembled and put together along with its appropriate process piping and utility requirements.

As this equipment arrived on the job site, the customers successfully have hand-off these projects to our team to integrate a custom equipment to their existing process such as filtration systems, blending systems, receiving systems, separator systems, pasteurization systems, batching systems, fillers, and many others. Often these systems are the first one in the plant that there are collaborations needed within the plant operations and our engineering team as to how do they envision the process flow with this new addition. Sometimes these systems are not the first one in the plant, so we are able to engineer a process installation and integration plan by observing how the system operates. We are here to make our customers’ happy and help them wherever is needed.

Choosing Placer Process for your welding and mechanical services project means you will benefit from our various expertise with stainless steel fabrication of pipe, ducting, and structures. Our team will review the installation plan and offer our best installation practices as well as expert resources designated for your project. Contact us today and discover the Placer Process advantage!

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