Process Piping Design, Fabrication, and Installation for Food, Beverage, Wine, Beer, Dairy, Alternative Foods, and Cannabis Products

Constructing a new facility or expanding an existing one is a complex endeavor and requires partners you can rely on to successfully design, fabricate, and install the necessary components and equipment. Placer Process has decades of experience in designing, fabricating, and installing equipment or entire facilities for food, beverage, milk, dairy, wine, beer, alternative food, and cannabis facilities. WE are often brought into projects to assist with complex process piping, or tricky utility systems that require an extra finesse and attention to detail to properly upgrade, modernize, retrofit, or expand a production facility.

Process System Contractor Project Manager

Whether you are looking to create a new facility, or make your existing one more dynamic or efficient, we are here to make it an easy and smooth process. We handle everything including:

  • Audits & preliminary design for project budgeting
  • Collaboration with research and development for future scaling of systems
  • Expansion for a new product line, a new initiative, or to accommodate new regulations
  • Addition of specialty ingredients from batching, blending, mixing, receiving, storage, pasteurizing, and filling equipment
  • Upgrade, expand, retrofit, or modernize existing systems
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of process piping and clean-in-place systems
  • Replacement of equipment pieces as part of regular maintenance to maintain safety
  • Complete process design for new processes, utilities, and piping

Not only do we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience but we are flexible partners that care about the success of your project. We can handle everything from greenfield projects to a small part of a project so you can work with however many contractors as you wish. We are here to get the job done and add to your bottom line.

If you’d like to learn more about our services please contact us today at (916) 782-5212. To read the full article about our capabilities click this link.

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