Process Design Partner with Food, Beverage, and Winery Construction and Piping Installation Services

Placer Process Systems is a specialty general engineering contractor with extensive experience working in the food, beverage, winery, brewery, dairy, cannabis, and specialty food industry. We have worked where we design process system from the ground up starting from scratch and complete the design, permitting, building the physical building envelope where the process systems will be located, fabricating process systems, installation of custom processes, and helping our customer start-up the systems as well as training the employees on how to operate the system.

We are accustomed to working with our customers at various stages of the project, such as:

  • preliminary process design for project budgeting
  • collaborate with research and development (R&D) to develop scale-up processes
  • expansion of an existing production line
  • addition of specialty ingredients from receiving, storage, batching, blending, mixing, pasteurizing, and filling
  • modifying an existing system or processes to allow change in recipe, addition of ingredients, clean-in-place piping, etc.
  • complete process design from start to finish for a new product line within an existing facility
  • design and build new processes, utilities, and manufacturing facilities from the ground up
Placer Process Design Partner with Food, Beverage, and Winery Construction Services

What Makes Us Different From Other Contractors?

1. We are your flexible contractor partner

As general engineering contractor, Placer Process can be your one-stop-shop design, fabrication, installation, and control integration services. Alternatively, we can complete just one piece of the puzzle and help you complete your project successfully.

2. Placer Process teams are available nationwide

With our core team at our Northern California location, we are at the heart of the wineries as well as food and beverage industry. Plus, our nationwide network of partners allows us to serve any job across the country.

3. Our team has decades of experience in preparing you for what is next

Placer Process consists of experienced engineers, process designers, project managers, site leads, specialty sanitary welders, construction crews, and other skilled professionals to help you focus on what it means for the future of your process system. You can focus on expanding your business and be the best version of you while we help you achieve your goals.

With our in-house capabilities for design, fabrication, installation, control integration, and construction services, we can meticulously budget for your project and help you from start to finish. From project planning, process design, system fabrication, piping installation, control automation, and finally start-up the processes to make the valuable food and beverage product that your company can be proud of, we have done them all. Our satisfaction is when you can complete your project successfully and your success is our success. We pride ourselves for providing quality design, installation, and construction services for our customers. Contact us today and we would be happy to help you with your next venture!

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