Process Installation and Integration of Innovative Specialty Process and Filling Equipment

As part of regular product innovation, it is common for new systems to be designed, built, and installed to meet changing requirements. One of our clients recently had need of such an upgrade as they had created a new product concept utilizing a mix of existing product and new ingredient. Placer Process was hired develop an installation plan, process and utility piping construction, and process integration of the new system with the customer’s existing infrastructure.

Placer Process bridged the gap within the equipment specifications and teamed up with the customer to produce a solution that allows bringing clean-in-place and product to the new systems while minimizing a foreseen interruption to the existing product lines. Acknowledging that the existing process plant has its production schedule and quota to meet, our team was able to accommodate the customer’s request in working around the production schedule and pre-fabricating the piping and components ready for installation.

One of the solutions to incorporate transfer panels has expanded the existing clean-in-place circuit and allowing product to be supplied from multiple process lines. This solution also allowed the new lines to be ready with the new infrastructure while the factory is in operation meeting its current production output demand. The system is now running and operational, allowing our client to expand their new product line while continuing to produce their existing products within the same facility.

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