Placer Process is an Ideal Process Design and Build Partner for Food, Beverage, Dairy, Wine, Beer, Alternative Food, and Cannabis Production Facilities

Not all food and beverage products or facilities are created equal. The same holds true for equipment or service providers. When you want the best service and high-quality equipment, you want to choose Placer Process. Not only do we provide customized design and construction services in supporting project and facilities managers, but we also have the ability to design and fabricate equipment in-house where we can establish our internal quality standards which provide our customer with quality process and utility systems they can be proud of. This tailored approach also allows us to be flexible to the specific needs of your project, so you get exactly what you need within the specifications you require.

While Placer Process can handle every facet of your project, we also understand that not all projects will be completed by a single partner. We are always willing to work with your other established partners to complete the project to the preference of our customers.

Wine and Cheese

Another benefit to working with Placer Process is our vast experience in the food, beverage, dairy, wine, beer, alternative food, and cannabis industries, we can help prepare you for the future. We have seen all stages of production facilities growth from research and development, pilot plant, and large-scale manufacturing processes. We can help you map out the future projects and ensure that the requirements for those expansions are made available in the current stage for future planning of the production facility growth.

These are only a few of many reasons to choose Placer Process as your partner. We invite you to contact us today to experience the quality of service and process equipment we can provide.

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