Construction, Site Services, and Specialty Piping Installation Services for Food, Beverage, Winery, Brewery, Dairy, Cannabis, and Specialty Food Industry

As a specialty general engineering contractor, Placer Process has decades of experience working in the food, beverage, winery, brewery, dairy, cannabis, and specialty food industry. We are dedicated to produce high-quality product with excellent workmanship. Our services focused not only for installation of tanks, process equipment, fillers, custom skids, but also providing skilled specialty welding services for sanitary process piping as well as non-sanitary utility piping with various materials. These allows our customers to hire us as a one-stop-shop to have a complete equipment installation.

This ability for us to provide a one-stop-shop of our site installation services gives our customers the peace of mind by the time we are complete with our work, your system will be ready to start-up. Not only we set, level, and anchor the equipment, we can also install and connect the new process with the existing process lines or expand it to another new process lines upstream or downstream. We can take care of both process lines as well as liquid and gas utility piping such as hot water, cold water, glycol, compressed air, nitrogen, process or city water, steam, condensate, and many more. We have skilled field services to tie-in to the existing centralized utility system. If that is not an available feature, we can help design a new centralized system for you or build something localized to get this new system up and running timely.

Our construction services are tailored to efficiently fulfill our customers’ needs. From project and construction management to take care of a specific part of the project to being the general contractor to overview the overall project, we have done them all. We are flexible to collaborate with your chosen partners or we can bring our experienced team to the table for your project. Our services include but not limited to design build, construction-related permitting, project management, as well as construction, equipment, and piping installation services.

Construction Site Services and Specialty Piping Installation

What Makes Us Different From Other Contractors?

1) We are your flexible partner

As general engineering contractor, Placer Process can be your one-stop-shop design, fabrication, installation, and control integration services. Alternatively, we can complete just one piece of the puzzle and help you complete your project successfully.

2) Placer Process teams are available nationwide

With our core team at our Northern California location, we are at the heart of the wineries as well as food and beverage industry. Plus, our nationwide network of partners allows us to serve any job across the country.

3) Our team has extensive experience in preparing you for what’s next

Placer Process consists of experienced engineers, process designers, project managers, site leads, specialty sanitary welders, construction crews, and other skilled professionals to help you focus on what it means for the future of your process system. You can focus on expanding your business and be the best version of you while we help you achieve your goals.

Additionally, our construction and field teams are trained for best practices and safety protocol to provide our employees, associates, and customers a smooth construction environment. Safety on our construction sites is of the highest importance. Find out how Placer Process can help you on your next construction, equipment, and piping installation project!

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