New Product Line Equipment & Utility Design, Fabrication, and Installation for Food, Beverage, Wine, Beer, Dairy, Alternative Foods, and Cannabis Products

Starting a new product line can be a daunting challenge when you don’t have the support of an experienced team of engineers and contractors to support you through the process. It is common for production facilities to need additional equipment, utilities, process piping, and CIP systems to accommodate a change in demand, regulations, or a new company initiative.

One of the big challenges for these types of projects is the decision to get new equipment or if existing equipment can be modified or leveraged in order to maximize the production from past investments. As a seasoned and experienced company, Placer Process has successfully designed, retrofitted, modernized, fabricated, and installed equipment to allow facilities to diversify or change their recipes and product lines without costly construction in their food, beverage, beer, wine, milk, dairy, alternative food, or cannabis production facilities.

It’s important to start with an audit to see what can continue to be used, what is at capacity, if piping could be more efficient, and what there is space for in your plant. This allows you to see the current state of things, know what your limitations are with current equipment, and sets the stage for expansion, modernization, retrofitting, or upgrades. Once that has been completed the tasks ahead become clear and with a fantastic design and construction team you can successfully introduce a new product line with the knowledge it will not be adversely affecting your other product lines.

If you have a new product line that needs to be implemented in your existing facility please reach out to us to deliver your project on time and on budget while maintaining the high quality and efficiency we are known for. Call us today at (916) 782-5212!

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