Ideal Design for Portable Disinfecting Cart Operating In A Production Facility

Designing A Portable Sanitizing Cart for Food, Beverage, and Dairy Production Plants and Facilities

In our previous blog we covered how a project had unique requirements for their portable sanitizing cart. The customer would like to maximize the equipment investment for years to come. You can read more about the scope and challenges of the project by reading the earlier post Portable Sanitizing Cart for Dairy, Food, Beverage, and More .

With a unique request for a specific skid frame design, our team quickly went to work designing and building a solution that met all of the project requirements.

Portable Sanitizing Cart

The system included a disinfectant solution storage tank, circulation pump, and an assortment of valves. A proximity sensor was also included to detect the motion of an operator walking through a doorway that would automatically trigger the spraying of the disinfectant solution.

Placer Process partnered with the production facility to design-build a portable sanitizing cart to serve the customer’s production quality needs. The disinfecting cart gave our customer the flexibility to move the cart to different locations as needed instead of spending more money on several stationary systems. The automation of the portable sanitizing cart made this system easy to use while minimizing dependency on site personnel to operate and maintain.

You can read more about the case study and the disinfecting sanitizing cart here

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