Portable Sanitizing Cart for Dairy, Food, Beverage Manufacturers, and More

Portable Sanitation Cart for Manufacturing Facilities

A leading cheese manufacturer and other food ingredients hired Placer Process to design and build a portable sanitation cart. Our experience with dairy as well as food and beverage processing plants gave them the confidence that we could design-build a solution that would allow them to maintain a clean and sanitized production facility as it’s vital to maintain product safety and maximize shelf life.

Some contamination sources originate from outside of the production facility and are brought in through a variety of ways, including clothing, equipment, tools, and many others. Specifically, our customer was concerned that bacteria would be transported on a person’s shoes from an uncontrolled and unsanitary space of the facility and unknowingly be brought into a sanitary production area.

Portable Sanitizing Cart

At first glance this seems like a very straight forward request, however the customer would like the ability to move the system around depending on the production and sanitation needs. We incorporated the frame and skid handing design to enhance the portability of the system allowing more usage throughout the production plant.

Read the full case study and learn the solution that was used for the portable sanitizing cart here

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