Fabrication, Installation, and Start-Up Steps to Improve Clean-In-Place Systems for Wine, Beer, Food, Beverage, Alternative Specialty Food, and Cannabis Production

In our last blog, which you can read by clicking here, we went over the benefits of improving your beer, wine, food, beverage, alternative specialty food, and cannabis clean-in-place system plus the first steps to kick off an improvement project. We always start with an audit so we get a full and clear picture of how all the systems operate and interact with each other – allowing our team of seasoned design engineers to draft designs and make recommendations.

After the plans have been made and approved by the customer there are still additional steps to make the system improvements a reality. We are going to briefly review these steps to improve CIP systems below.

Steps to Fabricate, Install, and Start-Up a Clean-In-Place System Improvement After a Plan is Approved

Step 5: Fabricate & Install System Upgrade

Working closely with our customer our team will decide the best way to fabricate and implement the system improvements. This can be done in the facility if needed but we find when we skid-mount the system improvements it has minimal impact on the existing production and allows for higher quality fabrication practices. Skid-Mounted installations is preferred by many of our customers as it reduces risk of injury and reduces downtime when the equipment is being installed.

Step 6: Start-Up & Training

Once the equipment improvements have been fabricated and installed by our seasoned team of professionals it is time to start-up the clean-in-place system and troubleshoot any challenges that arise. Working closely with our customers and the OEM start-up teams we quickly address any issues.

Once the start-up is complete and the system is confirmed to be operating properly we train the workers who will be using the equipment. Through this training we educate the workers on the new technology being used, and with our customer can go over the safety protocols and operation that is in alignment with the customer’s existing processes.

Step 7: CIP System Support

We know that the job doesn’t end after the equipment is installed and the workers are trained. Often companies want additional support for their systems so if something goes wrong, breaks down, or the equipment simply isn’t being used properly, we are here to help even after the project is completed. We can work to retrain workers, make system adjustments, or even repair faulty equipment. We even work with other vendors to ensure that the customer has a efficient and optimized clean-in-place system.

A Trusted Partner for Clean-In-Place Optimization

If you’re looking to improve your clean-in-place system or you’re unsure if it can be further optimized, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We can provide expertise and insight to your facility that will lead to higher production, better use of utilities, and increase the bottom line for facilities producing food, beverage, alternative specialty food, beer, wine, and cannabis products.

If you’d like a full recap of all 7 steps you can read the full article on improving clean-in-place systems here

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