Choosing the Right Contractor for Equipment Installation

It is common for equipment deliveries to be supplied loose – meaning it is not assembled. This can be a big problem if not properly accounted for through careful planning and design. Getting the equipment from the delivery pallet to being installed in the facility can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Choosing the right process system contractor can make a world of difference in the swiftness and quality of loose equipment installation.

Placer Process regularly assists food, beverage, wine, beer, alternative specialty foods, and cannabis production facilities in assembling and installing process equipment. Our team of seasoned process engineers takes your entire facility into account and plans appropriately for a quick and painless installation. This often includes design and planning in addition to the assembly and installation. It is this crucial step that enables our team to learn the needs of the customer and install the equipment in the most efficient manner while minimizing any downtime.

Process Equipment Installation

Working closely with our customers ensures a smooth installation process, plus we will help troubleshoot any challenges that arise from a typical start-up process. In one example one of our customers had a custom accessory package that included a centrifuge, filtration system, and fill packaging system that needed to be installed immediately.

After being selected for the project Placer Process went to work creating drawings to confirm the installations and offering our knowledge and expertise of best practices throughout the project. Our team finished the project timely and because of our experience we were able to provide the customer with support beyond the equipment and piping installation.

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