Strategic Contractor Partner for Process Equipment Installation

Process System Equipment Installation

With the tremendous capital investment and planning involved in bringing in new or relocated process equipment, it is important to find the right strategic partner that can help you bridge the gap from equipment arrival to installation and production at your process plant. Planning ahead for equipment installation may include challenges in moving through an existing facility, along with considerations for the available infrastructure, addressing building modifications, process piping upgrades, and utilities. These aspects and more should be considered as you are organizing your installation projects.

One of our customers had a custom accessory package that was supplied loose with a centrifuge, filtration system, and filler packaging system with plans that required immediate installation and use. Needing a partner for installation, Placer Process was selected for the strategic installation of this equipment package. Our services included creating drawings to confirm process and utility installations as well as offering knowledge of best practices applied in our engineering, planning, project management, and installation work.

Process Equipment Installation

With our experience in moving, handling, and installation of process tanks, pumps, specialty sanitary process and utility skid systems, as well as fillers and packaging lines, our team was able to identify the project needs critical to the system start-up success. Our team, alongside the customer and OEM start-up teams, was able to commence a timely system start-up and help troubleshoot the challenges that come up with the typical start-up process. Our well-rounded collaboration approach with in-house engineers, 2D and 3D drafters, project managers, and experienced field crews gave us the opportunity to provide the customer with support and expertise beyond equipment and piping installation.

Our capabilities have allowed the customer looking for a streamlined process to engage and partner with Placer Process in carefully designing, planning, and installation of various sanitary process and utility equipment during a short project time line. Our collaborative project path has allowed an expedited project initiation resulting in our customer’s valuable asset start-up and production lineup kick-off on schedule, on budget, and on time.

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