Placer Process Tips – Enhancing the CIP Process in Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facilities

While you are satisfied with your current clean-in-place (CIP) systems within your food and beverage manufacturing plants, there are some optional features outlined below to improve the CIP process while being more environmentally friendly, improving process equipment longevity, minimize water usage, and maximize the product recovery. As process contractors in food and beverage facilities, Placer Process is experienced in modifying you existing clean-in-place (CIP) systems to incorporate one, some, or all of these features to improve your current sanitation practices. Below are some suggestions on CIP system improvements that can be beneficial to your processes:

  1. Intermediate Wash Water Reuse:
    • Reusing intermediate wash water for effective pre-rinsing in a three-tank CIP system.
    • Benefits include water savings, preheating the system, and aiding chemical cleaning.
  2. Acid Wash for Scale Removal:
    • Using acid washing to dissolve mineral scale and protein residues.
    • Acid is commonly used for scale removal and pH stabilization.
    • Caution for materials compatibility is needed to avoid damaging elastomers.
    • Dedicated chemical pump and lines can be added to the existing CIP system to provide this additional chemical as part of the sanitation routine at a predetermined frequency.
  3. Product Recovery and Cleaning Improvement:
    • Pushing out residual product using a product recovery system before pre-rinse.
    • Benefits include increased product yield, reduced pre-rinse time, better soil removal, and reduced chemical usage.
  4. Air Blow for Moisture Removal:
    • Performing an air blow step after the final rinse to remove remaining moisture.
    • Important for products sensitive to dilution or moisture.
Clean In Place System Enhancement

Placer Process’ Commitment: Placer Process demonstrates its commitment to quality, standards, and innovation in providing process systems, installation, and integration in the food, beverage, dairy, brewery, winery, alternative foods, and cannabis industry.

  1. Quality Design and Exceeding Expectations:
    • Focus on creating solutions that exceed expectations in terms of functionality, efficiency, and longevity.
  2. Adherence to Industry Standards:
    • Meticulous adherence to industry standards showcases commitment to safety, reliability, and ethical practices.
  3. Innovation and Staying Ahead of Trends:
    • Incorporating innovative features and process technology to remain ahead of industry trends.
  4. Progressive Partner for Comprehensive Solutions:
    • Positioned as a reliable collaborator for customized process systems, offering comprehensive turnkey solutions.

This combination of enhancing the CIP process and Placer Process’ commitment to quality, standards, and innovation reflects the company’s dedication to delivering effective and advanced solutions while building trust and lasting relationships with clients and stakeholders.

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