Gain the Placer Process Advantage by Building Frame Mounted Process Systems

Placer Process Systems is a company that specializes in designing and building customized sanitary process systems for various industries. Placer Process Systems has successfully addressed the needs of a beverage manufacturer by designing and installing a frame-mounted system for heating and cooling juice while integrating it with the existing process. Below is further information on why Placer Process frame-mounted process systems are advantageous for your existing plant upgrades, expansion, modernization, and/or retrofit to your food, beverage, dairy, brewery, winery, alternative foods, and cannabis manufacturing processes.

Advantages of Frame Mounted Process Systems

Frame-mounted process systems, also known as skid-mounted systems, offer several advantages in industrial and commercial applications. These advantages make them a popular choice for various processes and industries. These systems are typically pre-fabricated offsite, and the various components, equipment, and instrumentation are mounted onto a single frame for ease of transportation, installation, and operation. Frame-mounted systems are commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, chemical processing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, dairy, brewery, winery, and more. Here are some key characteristics and advantages of frame-mounted process systems:

1. Modular Design

Frame-mounted systems are modular in nature, allowing different components such as pumps, tanks, valves, filters, instruments, and controls to be integrated onto a single frame. This modular design simplifies customization, maintenance, and upgrades.

2. Offsite Fabrication

Much of the system fabrication is completed offsite in controlled environments, reducing the need for extensive on-site construction. This leads to quicker project timelines and lower installation costs.

3. Ease of Installation

Frame-mounted systems are designed for easy installation at the customer’s site. They can be transported as a single unit and require minimal on-site assembly and interconnection.

4. Compact Footprint

By mounting components on a single frame, the system’s footprint is minimized, which is especially beneficial in situations where space is limited.

5. Quality Control

Components can be fabricated and tested in a controlled environment before installation, ensuring higher quality and reducing the likelihood of errors or defects.

6. Integration

Frame-mounted systems can integrate various components seamlessly, enabling efficient communication and operation between different parts of the process.

7. Reduced Downtime

Offsite fabrication and streamlined installation processes help minimize production downtime during system installation or upgrades.

8. Flexibility

Frame-mounted systems can be easily relocated or modified as process requirements change. New components or modifications can be added without major disruptions.

9. Hygiene and Cleanliness

In industries where sanitation is crucial (such as food and beverage or pharmaceuticals), frame-mounted systems can be designed with sanitary features and materials to ensure product quality and safety.

10. Cost Efficiency

Frame-mounted systems can lead to cost savings in terms of labor, installation, and maintenance compared to traditional on-site construction.

Frame Mounted Thermal Process Systems by Placer Process

Common Applications

Common applications of frame-mounted process systems include:

Chemical Processing

Batch reactors, mixing systems, chemical dosing, and filtration systems.

Water Treatment

Water purification, filtration, and wastewater treatment systems.

Food and Beverage

Beverage processing, pasteurization, mixing, and packaging systems.


API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) production, purification, and formulation systems.

Energy Production

Boiler feedwater systems, cooling tower systems, and cogeneration units.

Superior Quality and Flexible Solutions

Overall, frame-mounted process systems offer a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solution for various industrial processes, enabling quicker installation, reduced downtime, and improved overall system performance.

Placer Process Systems designs and builds superior quality, customized sanitary process systems for a variety of industries including Wine, Beer, Dairy, Cheese, Beverage, and Food. Our years of experience enable us to partner with our clients to design and build complete solutions unique to their needs.
Our solutions implement industry specific best practices while providing our clients a competitive advantage in speed and efficiency in today’s challenging environment. On time, On budget. On task. Together, let’s solve your problem.

Contact us today to discuss your project. We have delivered successful projects throughout California, including Sacramento, Napa, Santa Rosa, St. Helena, Petaluma, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Fremont, Paso Robles, Sonoma, Fort Bragg, Fresno, Madera, Monterey, Salinas, Calistoga, San Luis Obispo, Eden Canyon, Healdsburg, Stockton, Modesto, Salida, Turlock, Visalia, Merced, and more.

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