Collaborative Process Construction and Installation Projects in Food, Beverage, Winery, Dairy, Brewery, and Alternative Foods Industry

As the year is coming to a close, a lot of our customers are thinking of the budget and projects for the upcoming year. Various planning is happening on what the next year projection may look like along with all the details on what, where, and when will these next expansion projects are going to be. It is an exciting yet demanding time of the year as the overarching plan is being developed and the risks are being evaluated.

 Here at Placer Process, our team has been working together with the customers in planning, doing preliminary design, and budgeting to help our customers be more accurate and aligned in project costing, timeline, and well-planned project execution. With the cost or materials changing in the recent year, extended materials delivery, and supply chain challenges, our Placer Process team is staying on top of these details and giving our customer a more accurate expectation for these crucial yet often time-critical process and utility expansion projects.

Pipe Welding & Process System Installation

 Our team is not only consist of process engineers and project managers, but we also have in-house teams of excellent process piping welders, specialty skid system fabricators, construction crew, as well as process and utility installation team that can give you a sensible project budget that not only covers the equipment cost, but also what it takes to install the equipment, add the associated process piping, utility piping, and CIP piping along with its requirements, start-up the equipment, and integrate this new system to the existing plant as well as how it may impact the other processes.

 If your plant has a specialty process equipment purchased or anticipated to be implemented in the coming year, our skilled field installation team can help you with fast-track project quote, installation, management, and implementation. We have experienced and excel as a one-stop-shop for process and utility projects in food, beverage, winery, dairy, winery, brewery, and alternative foods industry. However, if you have engineering and project management in-house within your corporate structure, we have helped our clients with limited-scope projects where we are involved in part of the project. A few examples, we have worked within a specific engineering functions, preliminary and final process and utility plant design, pipe sizing and CIP network design, strategic centralized and decentralized process and utility system upgrade, process equipment installation, and welding services. Placer Process team wish you a happy holiday and look forward to hearing from you this year or in the years to come!

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