Best Filtration System for Winery and Other Sanitary Food and Beverage Applications

Placer Process is showcasing a filtration system for polished wine products and improved microbial stability. Our latest built of the week is the compact filtration system with the following features and offerings:

  • Sanitary filtration housings suitable for standard filter cartridges
  • Pre and post filter housings for prolonged filter life
  • Nitrogen purge
  • Hot water flush capability for sanitation
  • Steam disinfection with on-board steam generator
  • Compressed air hookup for filter integrity testing

All the features above are included within our filtration skid for maximum filtration quality, robustness, and longevity of the equipment and associated production lines.

Sanitary Filtration System for Wineries and Food and Beverage Applications

Final wine quality is very important. We want to preserve your wine taste and clarity by implementing Placer Process filtration system skid. It’s modularity will allow expansion for more future filter housings and larger flow rate capacity. Our unique skid modularity will allow planning of current use and future expansion.

Placer Process is serving the winery industry as the contractor partner for design, skid, fabrication, installation, and piping of your unique process and utility needs. We can do one part of the project or serve you as a one-stop-shop from project planning, design, budgeting, execution, management, and installation.

Unlike other contractor entities, Placer Process have in-house team to serve you from the initial and final design stage, project estimation, project management, shop fabrication team, and field installation crew consists of foremen, journeymen, and welders experienced in the sanitary market for process and utility piping needs. We are confident that our business model of offering various services with our in-house team will give you the advantage you need to deliver your project on time, on budget, and on task.

Email us at and discover Placer Process’ advantage. We love to help you with your next winery projects.

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