Advantages of Implementing Sanitary Blending Systems

Blending is becoming more popular in the food and beverage industry as the consumers are looking for more variety and the manufacturers are finding ways to attract the consumers to increase sales. Recipe changes are common and often product flavors are seasonal that a robust automatic blending system is desired.

Why Implement Sanitary Blending Systems?

Sanitary blending system removes the guess work and accurately measured and dosed the major and micro ingredients into the pipeline that it will blend the product and having it ready to go as a blended product in the storage blend tanks. With the automatic ingredient stream dosing within the blending system, each ingredient has electronic flow meter and control valve that can accurately measure the ingredient specified in the recipe. Thus, minimize the cost and labor associated with reprocessing or product hold.

How An Automatic Blending System Help Your Process?

The automatic blending system can help streamline the process as the system can create batch after batch of products. Depending on the type of product, intermediary rinse may be needed. The sanitary blending system is also capable of being cleaned in place, so it can be connected to an existing CIP system to be cleaned consecutively along with other processes.
Inline Blending Process System

Key Features of Placer Process Sanitary Blending System:

  • Automatic injection of multi-stream ingredients can be supplied with mass flow meters (for more accurate option) or other flow meter technology (for more cost-efficient option)
  • Each ingredient stream is monitored continuously
  • Ingredients, sweetener, and flavors may come from customers’ existing bulk ingredient tank or a smaller day tank. These can be built into the blending system as needed
  • A more consistent, accurate, and repeatable product as each ingredient stream is monitored with flow meter and controlled with automated injection valve.
  • Allowing handling of the volatile ingredients local to the blending system which produce a less volatile blended product. This improves operating speed and maximize the filler productivity

As the experts and design-builder of process systems in food, beverage, dairy, winery, brewery, cannabis, and alternative foods industry, Placer Process team would like to share our knowledge and expertise in sanitary inline blending systems. We hope that you can see the benefit of implementing this sanitary blending system technology in your food and beverage manufacturing plant. Feel free to reach out to Placer Process team if you are thinking of implementing this technology or other process and utility systems for your plant.

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