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Winery Tank Control Systems Is a Trend That is Here to Stay

Implementing tank control systems for temperature, level, and Brix (sugar content) monitoring in a winery can significantly enhance the precision and quality of wines. Placer Process, winery and beverage process contractor and integrator, has successful experiences with implementation of various sensors within the fermentation tank to improve visibility of the set points and changes that is happening throughout the fermentation cycle. Here’s an overview of the key components and considerations for such a system:

1. Temperature Control

  • Purpose: Maintaining the ideal fermentation temperature is crucial for controlling the fermentation rate and influencing the flavor and stability of the wine.
  • Systems: Automated temperature control systems can use cooling jackets or heat exchangers integrated into the tanks. These systems typically involve sensors and a central control unit that adjusts temperatures according to pre-set parameters.

2. Level Monitoring

  • Purpose: Monitoring the level of wine in tanks is important for avoiding overfills, managing headspace, and scheduling transfers.
  • Technology: Ultrasonic or capacitive level sensors are commonly used. These sensors provide real-time data and can help automate tank filling processes to prevent spills and optimize capacity usage.

3. Brix Monitoring

  • Purpose: Monitoring the sugar content of the juice or wine is essential for tracking fermentation progress and determining the optimal time for various winemaking steps.
  • Equipment: Inline refractometers or densitometers can be installed to continuously measure Brix levels. These devices provide real-time data that can be logged and analyzed to make informed decisions about fermentation and blending.
Winery Tank Control System Upgrade Automation

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Integration and Automation

SCADA Systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

Integrating these sensors into a SCADA system allows for centralized monitoring and control. This system can automate responses based on the data received, such as adjusting temperatures or alerting staff to issues.

Software and Data Analytics

Advanced software can analyze data trends and predict future needs, adjusting processes automatically or providing recommendations to winemakers.

Installation and Maintenance

Professional Installation

It’s important to have these systems installed by professionals who can integrate them with existing winery infrastructure.

Regular Maintenance

Regular calibration and maintenance of sensors and control systems are crucial for ensuring accuracy and reliability


Consistency and Quality

By closely monitoring and controlling these key parameters, winemakers can ensure a more consistent quality and style of wine.


Automation reduces the need for manual checks and adjustments, saving time and reducing the likelihood of human error.

Informed Decision Making

Real-time data allows winemakers to make quick, informed decisions that can impact the entire winemaking process positively.

Such a sophisticated control system will enhances the technical capabilities of a winery and also contributes to crafting superior quality wines by allowing precise control over the critical aspects of winemaking. Involve Placer Process team today for your next fermentation tank controls and modernization projects. Our experts can help you with options, pros and cons, project budgeting, cost benefit analysis, as well as implementation of the project from start to finish. 

Our team can help you design, fabricate process systems, process and utility installation including pipe fabrication and welding services, as well as project management and start-up services to ensure you can seamlessly integrate these winery processes into your existing production site.

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Due to our years of experience, Placer Process can be your go-to partner for all of your specialty alternative food and beverage plant’s mechanical, process and utility system needs.  We work with food and beverage operations to modernize, retrofit, upgrade, and expand existing plant systems, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime, while always completing our project On Time, On Budget, and On Task.

Our focus on People, Products, and the Planet ensure that all our work is in alignment with your expectations for a strategic partner, your project needs, and your core values.

When you work with Placer Process you can expect:

  • Our well-seasoned project managers are involved from design to installation to any follow-up and support needs.
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  • Tremendous breadth of experience and capability, based our combined years of work in in the specialty alternative food and beverage industry
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  • Our commitment to innovation and best practices to be embedded in every project
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