When Clean-In-Place Optimization Is Needed

System optimization is a common priority for many facilities including wineries, breweries, milk plants, dairy plants, food & beverage plants. No matter your industry or end product a crucial part of keeping the entire plant running smoothly is cleaning the equipment. This is where Clean-In-Place systems come into play – which when implemented optimally – reduces the amount of time and effort needed to consistently and properly clean your process system.

One of the challenges we recently solved was optimizing a clean-in-place system to assist the management of the sanitation crew within a limited cleaning shift. Our customer was having challenges achieving the ideal temperature to allow external washing of process and packaging equipment as part of their regular sanitation protocol. Problems were occurring due to low water flow, pressure, and temperature caused by a number of use points utilizing the hot water while the utility system was unable to keep up with the demand.

Placer Process was called into this project to design-build a solution that would allow for full use of multiple utilities at the same time – specifically during the cleaning shift.


Learn more about our solution and Clean-In-Place System Optimization here

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