Warming Jacket for Wine Tanks with Independent Control

Every wine maker knows that consistent temperature for your wine fermentation tanks is critical to crafting an award winning wine season after season. While the geographical location and region the winery is located in has very consistent weather – that doesn’t mean the temperature fluctuations do not cause issues. Even a single cold snap during the fermentation process can cause major problems achieving the desired characteristics in award winning wine.

Many of our customers have come to us with this problem of inconsistent wine fermentation tank temperature and that it affects the final product. Placer Process has always been able to solve this wine fermentation tank temperature fluctuation problem via a warming water jacket system that allows for independent control over specific wine tanks. Not only does this prevent big events like a cold snap having an effect, but it also allows for fine tuning each individual tank to the desired temperature.

Click here to find out more about how a warming jacket system can keep your wine fermentation tank temperature consistent for greater control over producing award winning wine.

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