Using Transfer Panels as Cost-Effective Alternative to Minimize Process Contamination in Food Manufacturing

A regular process of food manufacturing is often involving the use of various piping to transfer ingredients, water, essence, and clean-in-place solution depending on the production and sanitation schedule. There are multiple ways to set up a separation among the sanitary process lines and the cleaning solution. One of them being the use of transfer panels.

One of Placer Process customers in the food production industry hired our team to analyze the process options used to provide an atmospheric break to prevent contamination during the food manufacturing process.  Essentially you have multiple lines that you connect with “U” shaped jumpers allowing for various configurations and creating the required atmospheric break (pictured on this page). It is very simple and effective but requires manual adjustments.

These sorts of adjustments are labor intensive but cost-effective for the initial implementation. For a full list of the pros and cons of transfer panels read the full case study here. Our experienced team is capable to design, build, assemble, and install the transfer panel systems for any of our customers’ needs.

Process System Transfer Panels

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