Using Mix-Proof Valves to Prevent Contamination and Automate Your Processes

One of our customers who is a leading manufacturer of tomato-based sauces was using a typical production method known as Transfer Panels. Transfer panels provide an atmospheric break which in it’s simplest version is composed of “U” shaped removable jumpers that are manually changed as needed. These transfer panels are used to prevent different fluids from accidentally mixing during the food production process. While this is effective, it is requires workers to manually adjust at the correct time in the correct fashion and can be prone to human error or injury if not performed correctly.

Process System Transfer Panels

Placer Process was hired to review this old system as the plant had grown beyond the normal capacity and using the old transfer panels created a slowdown area in the process. Our seasoned engineers performed an audit and built a matrix of improvements where the addition of valves would improve safety and efficiency through automation. This solution not only provided these benefits but it also allowed for modern monitoring and reporting to further give additional information to the plant manager about the status and efficiency of the system.

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