Upgrading Your Process Pre-Heater for Greater Capacity

With new technologies emerging there are often ample opportunities for upgrading the processes in a dairy or milk production facility. Not all upgrades are equal and most plant managers know that the upgrades that improve capacity and efficiency are always the first to be implemented.

In such a case Placer Process was contacted by a customer who is a leading manufacturers of dairy products including nonfat dry milk and skim milk powders. Preheating the milk prior to entering the dryer is a key step in the milk drying process. Not only is it important for consistent production and product quality, but it also directly effects the capacity of the process line.

Our solution to this challenge was to upgrade the triple tube heat exchanger to a multi-pass concentrate pre-heater. This design not only increased the maximum temperature the milk reached before being processed, it also reduced the time it takes to perform maintenance.

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