Upgrading Process Pre-Heaters from Triple Tube Heat Exchanger to a Multi-Pass Concentrate Pre-heater

When it’s time to upgrade your facility you want to know that your upgrade will have maximum impact. That’s why when a customer who produces a variety of dairy products came to Placer Process for help modernizing their dairy milk pre-heater we jumped at the chance to make huge improvements to their facility processes. Originally our customer was using a triple tube pre-heat exchanger to warm the milk up before being processed.

Triple tube dairy milk pre-heaters bring several challenges to any production facility:

  • Maximum temperature is limited by hydronic warm water circulation systems
  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • Maintenance is very time and manpower intensive
  • Maintenance requires production line shutdowns

All of these issues combined make using a triple tube heat exchanger cost more to run than a multi-pass concentrate pre-heater. Not only does it require fewer pauses for maintenance, those windows are shorter and require less parts to be replaced or serviced. In addition to minimizing production loss, the multi-pass concentrate pre-heater designed and fabricated by Placer Process had a higher output temperature which translates to greater production output.

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