The Importance of Steam Optimization Audits

One of our customers who is a premiere supplier of milk and dairy products to the Northwest Region of the U.S. hired Placer Process to perform an audit on the infrastructure of the current plan design, specifically the steam demands and how that was going to need to be improved in order to meet new production demands.

The plant had gone multiple expansions which increased the demand to the original boiler system creating a problem where the steam being created was spread too thin throughout the facility reducing the overall capacity of the facility. This meant that our customer ran into issues when running all of the equipment simultaneously.

Sanitary Process Steam Optimization

Our team quickly got to work to determine how much steam capacity was available, how much steam was being used with various operations, and what steam deficit would occur in the near future as new systems were added to the plant. This information was extremely valuable to our customer and allowed them to make smart decisions in expanding the plant to meet the changing demands of their market.

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