The Downsides to Cleaning Complex Production Lines Manually

One of our customers is a leader in producing high quality and healthy single serving frozen meals had an ever growing challenge in cleaning their production lines. The meals variations that were being produced featured different sauces that needed to be transferred to process tanks, mixers, and heat exchangers. With each new line or variation added, the cleaning time to properly clean and sanitize sanitary process piping grew until the customer sought a better solution.

CIP System

We were able to provide an audit and a recommendation for a clean-in-place system that would automate the process resulting in a quick and repeatable cleaning sequence for the process piping. The system also fed information back to our customer for monitoring and quality control of the process. Placer Process design, fabricated and installed an automated clean-in-place system that increased efficiency, safety, and the bottom line of the facility.

Read the full case study here for more details

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