Sustainable Table Washer Sanitizing Systems for Vegetables & Fruit Processing

As environmentally friendly practices become more popular in food and beverage manufacturing Placer Process has seen an increase in requests for more sustainable process systems. A great example of an environmentally friendly project is where Placer Process was hired to design, fabricate, and install a more sustainable table washer sanitizing system for an innovative vegetable and fruit processing company who is using hydroponics to produce food more efficiently.

Our customer was using a conveyor system for a continuous cleaning during a production shift which meant that the new clean-in-place sanitizing system would need to meet this demand. The customer also required the system optimize the water and sanitizing chemical usage by recirculating them throughout the washing cycle.

Sustainable Table Washer Sanitizing System

The end result was a clean-in-place sanitizing system that took into account the reusable trays by monitored the chemical solutions and automatically making adjustments to completely sanitize the trays efficiently while using minimal resources.

To learn the details of this solution please read the full case study here

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