Solving Your Filtration Challenges

Filtration Solutions For Your Winery

Earlier we posted about some of the challenges faced by implementing filtration technology in your winery along with the benefits of wine filtration such as improving wine clarity, shortening the aging time, and preventing fermentation post bottling. A filtration project in your plant does not always promote a one size fits all solution, but we hope that the example we provide will guide you in choosing the applicable system and how we can help you overcome your challenges.

In our case study linked below Placer Process was selected as the strategic partner for our client to design, build, and install a wine filtration system that would allow for a more consistent and repeatable finish wine product. Taking into consideration the unique design of the plant and the systems already in place, we were able to design and install a wine filtration system that included sanitary pre and final filter housings with different filter elements to promote longevity of the filter components that optimize the changeover frequency of the filter elements.

The skid we built was equipped with an onboarding steam generator to allow system disinfection under pressure and sanitary drain traps to prevent condensate from pooling and creating cold spots commonly developed during SIP (steam-in-place) sanitation. The system was also designed to rinse with water for cooling and then purged with nitrogen to remove any residual water before wine transfer. This system was also automated so the customer was able to process and operate the wine filtration system consistently.

For a fuller overview of the challenges and solutions implemented see our Wine Filtration Case Study Here.

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