Reducing Plant Downtime with the Alternative Pre-Heater System Technology

Earlier we spoke about the challenges our client encountered with their aging sanitary milk pre-heater system causing extended cleaning and maintenance downtime. Our client partnered with Placer Process to install an alternative pre-heater system that not only lowered the frequency and time of cleaning and maintenance but it also increase the overall capacity of the plant by designing the system to optimize the temperature set points ideal for the spray dryer operation.

In our solution, we worked with our client to minimize downtime during the upgrade by utilizing a skid-mounted solution allowing the system to be built remotely minimizing disruption to the plant operation. This allowed the plant to continue operation with the existing pre-heater while the new multi-pass pre-heater was being designed and built as a whole system assembly. Installing the pre-heater as a skid system would also reduce the installation time as Placer Process was able to plumb and mount the equipment with its required utility accessories prior to the initiation of installation work.

There were additional accommodations made that were specific to our clients’ needs, such as the feet placement of the skid and a custom designed slide base to allow for thermal expansion as the system is operating at an elevated temperature.

Learn more about the unique solution by reading our case study here.

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